Tuesday, February 4, 2014

What I've learned

Bonjour maman,
Comment vas-tu? et Comment va l’étude de français? Well, that is good that i didn't miss a good game. haha. Hopefully next year it will be better. Yeah, i have to admit when i see carli in photos some times it is hard for me to regonize her. mais ça va aller. Wow, i can't believe that so many people are engaged. A girl that lived across the hall from me at college just sent me an email saying that she is engaged. I think i'm going to have to go to a lot of weddings. haha. That is great that Hunter's papers are already in. Keep me posted on where he gets his call. Praying for Benin Cotonou. haha.
Thanks for the two emails. I think that that would be awesome to room with Danny. We could speak french with each other all the time. haha. I'll send him a quick email to see what he thinks. Also for nanny jo there is no problem. I can always ask the tailor to buy the fabric and make the ties. I just need to know how many she would like. He is actually a member who is getting ready to go on a mission(he is waiting for his call), so he has tons of time. So i'm sure there are no problems. The navities for chelsea will be a little harder. I don't know a place here in togo to buy it .
I know, at the beginning of my mission the end seemed so far away. Now in a few days, it will be over. Wow, to say what i have learned in two years is kind of hard, there are so many things. I think the thing that the mission has done for me the most, is i have learned how to get along and try to love everyone. I'm not sure if that makes any sense, but what i mean is that back at home if someone annoyed me or wasn't nice towards me, i would just avoid this person. ON the mission, you can't do that. It has taught me how to work through my problems and to communicate with people. ALso I have learned some much about the scriptures and scripture study.
I would tell at someone who is coming to my mission is to not compare the different cultures or costums. But to know that just because something is different doesn't inherently mean that it is wrong. I think that mindset has helped me some much.
Well, This week was awesome. Elder Clayton came and visited us. He had given us a reading assignement, and then during the meeting asked us what we had learned. And then he let us ask question. So we got to ask question to 2 general authorities, their wives, an area seventy, president weed, and his wife too. How great is that? I thought it was pretty great.
I'm so excited for you to come here. I'm kind of putting the last finishing touches on the plans. I love you more than you can imagine,
Elder Kimzey