Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Got my package!

Bonsoir Coment tu vas?
 I don't care if you call me Elder Corey. It totally works for me. My week was really good. Zone Leader stuff is going ok. I have to admit sometimes it kind of different but good. My favorite part is that we get to go on exchanges with other missionaries. So we have a lot of chance to teach with other missionaries. Good luck with missionary week. I have to admit that sometimes i feel a little disconnected because we don't have a chance to know what is going on in the world. For example, i had no idea that there was a terroist attack in Boston until someone told me the other day. But it is nice because we don't have to worry, we just get to be missionaries. The hardest missionary rule for me is we aren't ....(power outage...answered in dad's letter)
(I told him that I was reading about Nephi and Lehi teaching the lamanites and a pillar of fire surrounds them)Yes, The same thing happens to me, like nephi and lehi, if someone doesn't accept a pillar of light comes down. haha. ok not really. But it is true that sometimes people will have miracles happen in their lives or they will have a grand change of heart. That is fun that you are going to Vegas. Sometimes people ask me about Vegas, it blews their mind that people can get married their in 30 minutes or even through a drive through. I think it is because marriages are a really big deal here and they take a long time to plan usually. I can't believe that Casey will be an Elder on his birthday. At least he has some time to buy somethings and you can always send him things in the MTC. That has got to be hard for shane considering he has to leave just a few weeks after school. I heard the Ghana MTC is actually pretty cool. He'll have to say hi to all the missionaries who are coming to Benin for me. So for things that happened this week... Well, first off today i had an awesome suprise. The other Elders in my appartment come back from the Bureau and they brought me the package that you sent me!!! How exciting is that!? So my campanion and i had fun listening to some of the recordings. My campanion, also told me, that he could understand the accent of Dad the most. It was really nice to hear all of your voices. Also we got your testimony stickers. My campanion told me that he really liked them and that he might send you an email.(see below)  So if you get an email that is in french from an Guelord Mundu don't be suprized. Thank you so much for the package. Your testimonys were great. Also i like the recorder. I think it is going to be useful. Also we had fun snacking on Oreos and granola bars. I forgot how sweet things are in the US. Thank you again. Also we had another transfers this week. Thank heavens i wasn't transferred this time nor my campanion. But one of the malgasy elders in my apartment was, which is too bad because i really like him. He told me a lot of their langague. But i guess they are putting a brand new american in my apartment. His name is Elder Oliverson. At least i think he is american. So that should be pretty intresting and fun. Also this week we have been working a lot with one ami who has know the missionaries for 4 years but she has never been baptized. Then one day, we showed up and she told us that she wanted to be baptized the 11th of May. It was definetly a shock. But a good reminder that we never now when someone will be ready to accept the gospel. Sometimes it takes some people longer than others. Also her brother decided to be baptized the same day. Which means that their whole family will then be members of the church. 
Ok Well, i love you more the key lime pie,
 Elder Corey Kimzey

Hey dad,
Africa is doing pretty good.  That is really cool that you are doing missionary week again.  I like the idea that they actually are going to invite people to do things that will help them.  That is always important to search for the right comitment.  
That is crazy that we have 3 missionaries from our ward in the mtc.  I bet that she will only stay there for 2 weeks.  
Yeah mom told me that you were thinking of going to vegas.  That should be pretty fun.  
(talking about when Kerry was a missionary and they dedicated the chile temple)  I can't believe that you had missionaries coming from 5 different missions.  Also i can't believe that you had to do the Eisels for the open house.  That had to be a lot of work.  I bet though that it was pretty exciting.  I have to admit that if they did ever build a temple here, i would love to come back and see its open house.  Although, they are going to build the first french african temple in the Congo.  My campanion is pretty stoked about that.  

I hear from grandpa also that carli is getting pretty good at pickleball.  We will have to play when i get back.  Although, i'm nervous carli might dominate me.  
Thanks for the scripture in Haggai.  I don't think i have read that one yet.  
It is good to hear that  Dyllen is doing well.  He wrote me the other day and he seemed to be doing better.  I have only met one person from Angola but didn't really get to talk to him. I have to admit, i think Beninois people are in general pretty nice and don't drink too much.  I love you too dad.  Also i got my package today with the audio recorder.  I think it is pretty neat.  I think that it will be really useful.  I was wondering if there was a cord to connect it to the computer that came with it.  Maybe it is in the box and i just didn't see it.  I'll have to check when i go back to my house. My campanion and i had fun listening to all the things you put on it.  He told me that your accent is way eaiser to understand than mine.  Also thanks for the stickers.  I think they will be nice to put in our book of mormons.  Did Skyler translate the testimonies for you?  My campanion told me he really liked all of your testimonies.  He even asked me for you email, so he might send you an email.  His name is Elder Guelord Mundu, so don't be suprized if you get a random email from him.  I love you a lot dad, Thanks for everything
Corey Kimzey

Ok, I probably just didn't see it.  I'll see if i can find a cord that could work for it.  I'm sure it wouldn't be very hard to find.  ohh yeah sorry, the computer randomly shut down and i forgot to finish my thought. (what is the hardest rule for you) Hmm, that is a hard one.  I have to admit the rules like we are suppose to reject food that we aren't sure about.  But it is kind of hard because the members love inviting us to eat and it is a huge cutural faux-pas to reject water or food. So usually i just use good judgement and say a prayer in my heart that all will work out well.  And i know that God understands and i haven't had any problems yet.

bishop,i m so happy to send you this message.i m elder mundu.i don't know how to writein english verry well i sorry,becouse,i m congolaise man.i m compagnon with your son,elder kimzey.
now, i wont to write verry velle in french.
kimzey,il est mon 9 éme collègue.mais je ne jamais travaillez avec un bon collègue comme lui. il a vraiment des vertus qui possédé a un bon missionnaire.je l'aime beaucoup il est mon bon ami que je ne jamais trouver en mission.merci pour le bon encadrement.il montre une bonne exemple pour sa famille.je regrette de travailler avec lui vers la fin de ma mission.je suis très content du faite que vous l'encourager toujours d’être un bonmissionnaire.il ma montré les choses que vous avez envoyer,j'ai écouté votre voix et la maman aussi.et de sont frère.j'ai juste rie car il n'as rien dit.je suis fière de lui.

see yea letter bishop.
elder Mundu
Google translation-with some help...
Kimzey, he is my 9 th companion. He really has virtues that possessed a good missionary. I really like him, he is my good friend that I would never find a mission. thank you for your example. it shows a good example for his family. I wish to work with him until the end of my mission. I am very happy that you  encouraged to be a good missionary. He showed me things that you send, I listened to your voice and mom too. and brother . I just laugh because he did not say anything (casey not big on words? noo....). I'm proud of him.
see yea letter bishop. (in english obviously!)
elder Mundu

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Short message- electricity cut today

Comment vas la meilleure mère de la monde?( How is the best mother in the world?-this week, I'll take it...) That is great to hear that Matt and Tyson both got their calls.   Sorry mom that this message is so late.  They cut the electricity for a few hours, so i'm sorry that this is a little late.  
I can't believe the other coach didn't know that rule.(long story of mom getting in trouble with a coach by helping the opposing goalie know not to pick up a ball if it is passed to her) That is kind of an essential one.  That kind of seems like a no win situation.  I'm sure deep down that the coach was happy you safed his goalie.  
I had to do the french test too.  And afterward they didn't say anything to me.  Usually if he is  really good at french they will have him go to the mtc for 2 weeks but most of the time that is just for people who are practically french.  
No,  my appartment doesnt have Airconditioning.  We do have fans for sleeping.  But sometimes they cut the electricity.  That is when it can be kind of hot.  
Don't worry mom.  I know that it is going to probably be difficle but the nice thing is you have double the reason to look for to monday.  Mom, also the nice thing is that even though i am a little ways away you can know that i love you and that i pray for you everyday.  I know that God will help you like always.  I read a talk(because as missionary that what we do for fun haha) the other day by President Ucthdorf.  He talked about keeping life simple.  It made me thing of you and how you always taught me to keep life simple.  It has definetly made it easier to be a missionary.
Ok this week was a pretty good one.  An amazing thing happened the other day.  We were just walking down the street and my companion told me that we should knock on a certain gate.  Which was funny because i had the same impression.  We happened to find a woman there that was open to our message.  We had a great lesson about the church of Christ and the apostasy.  She said that we could come back and talk with her and her husband.  What an invitation haha!  So we were looking forward to that because it is hard to find families.  When we got there we started talking about their concerns we had a great lesson about tithing and the law of chasity which lead into the restoration.  We definetly didn't plan on talking about all those things but it just seemed natural when we were there.  So we have another lesson this week so we are hoping it goes just as well.  
Also we started teaching a retired man the other day.  We had recieved his number from some other missionaries.  The first meeting he was open to us and explain to us many spirtual experiences of his life.  We left him a book of mormon but didn't really have time to explain hoping that maybe he would glance at it.  To our suprise, he had actually read a couple of pages and had some great questions.  I can tell that he is searching for the truth.  
So hopefully all will keep going so well.
Well, i love you mom.  Thanks for your example.  I wish you could just come and experience what a great place this is and how great the people are.  I love them. 
 Je t'aime even more than pie,
Elder Corey

How are you doing?  Things are going well.  I'm sorry that you haven't been feeling well.  I hope you feel better soon.   That is good that Trevor is doing well.  Is Austin married already?  I'm glad that Danny is going back to USU  Hopefully we get to see each other there and maybe talk a little french.  
Thanks dad for the story about Edward Partirage.  I had never heard of him before.  It definetly proves that a recent convert can do so much.  I remember that we watched a talk of Gordon Hinckly on that.  He told church leaders that they needed  give a chance to recent converts even if they are inexperienced.  Afterward he said just think about the chance that God took with you.  It made me laugh, but it is true that all converts really do need a calling or a responsibily.  
I didn't know that Meg is already in the Mtc.  That is great.  Wow, 7 setting apart that is crazy.  I have to admit when i try to remember the blessings sometimes it is really hard.  I thought about that during sacrament meeting, because there was a missionary campanionship who confirmed 8 people last sunday.  I thought if he tried to do what my dad does that would be really hard.  But you did practically the same thing last sunday .  
Well, dad i love you.  oh also dad i wanted to ask another question about your mission.  In your mission were mostly americans or native chileans?  
I love you,
Elder Corey KImzey

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

330 days left!

Bonjour maman,
 Comment vas-tu? I can't believe that Casey barely missed it. That is a total heart-breaker. I'm sure that he will get it soon though. I will definitely pray for that. That is too bad that carli lost too. I guess that is how soccer works. Sometimes the better team loses. That is great that chels got a promotion at work. Is she still working for the girls home? Also tell amber félicitations for me. I can't believe she already has a baby. It is kind of crazy to think about considering she is just 6 months older than me. It is good to know that i will probably be back before Chels has a baby haha....
Answers to questions:
 1.When does your debit card run out? I was thinking it was soon and I need to get you a new one. Just let me know and I'll send one out, and when you get it, I will activate it.  My credit card runs out in June. So if you could renew that for me that would be really nice. Also i have no idea how much i even have in that account. So if you could maybe check that also.
  2. What is your most embarrassing moment so far?
Well, that is hard to say because there is so many. Well, there was the time that i threw up all over our building haha. or one time when i was in Fidjrossé they had cut the power so the streets were really dark. And here in Benin we have covered gutters, so the gutters are underneath the side walk. There happen to be a giant hole in the sidewalk. I fell into the hole but was able to catch myself before landing in the gutter. I have to admit that it was pretty shocking considering i was just walking down the street. It was really funny too because there was a lately who was across the street who said, yovo doucement. haha I was laughing pretty hard afterward.
3. what is the best attribute of your companion? 
My companion is really felxible. He is really open to doing things and is really open with me.
4. Carli wants to know what animals have you seen?
Well, i have seen some monkeys here. I see a lot of Dogs and Goats but that is probably not what she is asking huh. I can't think of anything really crazy i have seen. I think we might be going to the zoo sometimes soon in Porto Novo. So then i can say i have seen some crazy things.
5. Dad wants to know what your new apartment is like?
My apartment is pretty nice. It is more like a house this time. We have water most of the time too. Which is always a plus. We live next to the nation soccer stadium so sometimes there are concerts or parties there. It is pretty crazy how many people will come to a concert or a party.
 330 days left (if you leave on the 12th)- so make every minute count, and make as many testimony building memories as you can! Take tons of pictures!!!!!  I love you too. I can't believe how fast my mission is going by. I took a lot of pictures today because we had a suprise birthday party for president weed. It was my campanions idea. So all the missionary came and we had a small talent show and ate some cake. It was pretty great.
 Je t'aime aussi, Ton Fils,(I love you too, your son)
 Elder Corey Kimzey

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Are you talking to me?

Bonjour maman,
Comment tu vas?  That is cool that the Atkinson's parents are going to the congo.  I told my companion and he told me that he will look for them when he goes home in a few months.  I'm sorry that you weren't feeling so well, but i'm glad that you feel better...
The food here is usually pretty spicy.  Especially if a Togolesse or Ivorian prepares.  They usually add a lot of Pima(which is kind of like a hot pepper)  It used to eat through my stomach but now i don't really notice it. haha.  
 (told corey that we were trying to design our backyard and did he have any requests)Yeah, i'm totally up for a jucuzzi. haha.   Dad said also that you thought of putting in a bocce ball court.  I think that would be awesome.
I heard conference was pretty good.  I'm hoping to have a chance to glance at a few talks.  We are pretty excited here because one of the new members of the seventy is from Zimbabwe.  yes!   
1. How is zone leader?  Do you have the sister's in your zone?
I have to admit being zone leader is a little weird.  The asked me to preside over a baptismal service the other day.  I have to admit i felt quite unprepared for that.  haha.  it went fine though. 
No, the sisters are in the other zone.  I guess we are suppose to have a 11 sisters by June.  How crazy is that?  
2.  Did you ever talk to the VanDuyses about Montreal?
Yes, they actually moved back to canada.  I'm not sure if they went back to montreal though.  Brother Vanduyse told me that it is a great mission .  It is pretty cold but really pretty.  He actually is a convert, so i told me he was actually baptized in that mission.  It sounds like a pretty awesome place.  
3.  How is the weather?  Has it started to Rain?
It actually rained for about Ten minutes yesterday.  It was pretty hot today.  But hopefully tommorow it will be cooler.  
4.  What did you do today?
Well, today was pretty action packed.  We went to the office of the mission so my companion could get his visa.  Then we went to the grand market and then we visited a member and ate with her.  So it was a pretty good day.  
5.  Tell us about one of your amies...
Well, we have been teaching these two sisters.  They are really funny.  It always suprises me the insightful things they say.  We were reading 2 nephi 31 with them, when we starting talking about how we need to have faith, repent, be baptized, ...  They seemed to be baring their testimony to me of the importance of those things.  I hope they keep progressing but we wil see.

I love you mom.  I hope you have a great week.  I love you more than pie.  J t'aime
Elder Corey

hey dad,
How was conference?  my week was pretty good.  
I can't believe you pulled an aprils fool joke on casey.  That is pretty funny.  Aunt Kristy told me that some friends of a kid that was waiting for his call decided to play a joke on him.  They sent him a fake call that said he was going to anatarica.   I thought that was pretty mean but funny at the same time.  
I am totally up for going to see in a race in france.  I will totally be your french translator.  Although, french people will probably find my french to be a little different.  I think that would be pretty fun.  
Yeah, i think you could totally live in africa.  You just have to pick the safe countries.  Like Benin and Togo are pretty safe.  Also Ghana is really safe too.  Also i think there are actually quite a few people who do that here.  Because it is cheap. Also i think i would definetly come and visit you often.  
I think it really is true that we need to be ready to serve at anytime.  This week i have been thinking a lot about Peter.  And how Jesus Christ asked him to give up everything and just follow him.  I was thinking how much i must also give all to him too.

I love you too dad.  I thought of you as i had to lead a meeting and someone turned to me and ask me if something was ok.  I thought is he talking to me.  I realized that he really was talking to me.  I'm so glad that i don't have to do that very often because it was kind of weird and kind of a lot of pressure haha.
 I love you a lot.  I hope you have a great week.  
Elder Corey Kimzey

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Bonjour maman, Comment vas-tu? Est-ce que tu sais que je t'aime? Bon, même si tu ne sais pas, c'est vrai. (How are you? Do you know that I love you? Well, even if you do not know, it's true.)
Ok i'm not sure if i'm going to have time to write a general letter for everyone but i'm going to try and write you all first. I thought i would let you know also, that my campanion told me that i have forgot english. So it must be true what you have been saying. Wow, i can't believe all those people got engaged this week...(three High school friends got engaged this week) Also today we played soccer against the members because today is a holiday(easter monday) here. It was really fun. I will send pictures next week. Don't tell casey put we bought some awesome barcelona jersey to play in. So i got a sweet jersey out of it too. I actually got to play a lot. Also we tied with the members, which i think is the first time that that has happened since this mission was created. The missionary usually lose. It was awesome too, because it was a brand new missionary who scored who said he had never really played soccer before. It was pretty great. Then afterward a member invited us over to eat. We eat so much! She first served us aksa, which is kind of like a bitterish pate with tomato and beef sauce. And then she added okra and crab. It was my first time eating crab and it was pretty good. She gave us soda and beesap(which is a drink that is made with ukalispes) I though she was finished with that but after she gave us rice with some sort of lettuce and fish stew. It was amazing also. I was stuffed to the limit. It was really nice of her. She is so nice to all the missionaries Also we had a great lesson with an ami the other day. We had a great lesson on the church of jesus christ, the apostasy,and the restoration. It was a really powerful lesson. I really had a confirmation that the things that i was saying were true. ALso it seemed to make a lot of sense to her too. She even accepted to be baptized later this month. Well, maman. Je t'aime beacoup.beaucoup même. I miss you too. I wish that you could be here and just see how amazing it is here. I know that we will see each other soon though.
 Je taime plus que la tarte. (I love you more than pie)
 Ton fils, (your son)
Elder Corey Kimzey