Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bonjour from the big city

 Bonsoir ma famille,
Comment ça va?  Je vais bien.  So I got to Benin.  It is way different than Togo.  I'm right now serving in Fidjrossé.  It is pretty awesome.  I can even see the ocean from my house.  How cool is that?  My new companion is named Elder Ndaye.  He is from the Congo.  He got here just 2 weeks before me, so he doesn't really now the secteur that well either.  So we often get lost, but it makes it fun too.  The branch is really amazing also.  We have quite a few members and they really help out a lot.  Our secteur is doing well also, people are so receptive that it is easy to find people to teach.  Also many of them came to church also. How great is that? 
So this week we have been doing a lot of OVB<tracting.>  We have found some really interested people.  We found this one guy who just got in a car accident and was telling us how it was a miracle that he made it out alive.  We have been talking with him a lot about the Book of Mormon.  He promised to read, so that is pretty exciting.
Also coming up this week we have 2 couples who are going to be baptized this week.  I guess that they have been coming to church for a long time but need to get married civily before they could be baptized.  So  they are going to get married and then they are going to be baptized.  It going to be really great.  All of them are ready and really want to be baptized.  I'm excited for them.
This week was full of great exprience and testimony builders.  I'm so thankful for all those little miracles that God does for me everyday.  I sometimes look back at experience or lessons and think how much God must a played a role for it to work out so well. 
Well that was kind of my week in sweet and condensed verison.  Je vous aime beaucoup même,
Elder Corey Kimzey

Bonjour Maman,
Comment ca va?  I'm sorry you are getting up that early everyday that is got to be really hard. 
So how  is the wedding going?  Thank you for the invitation.  It turned out very well.  But it is true i don't think I'll be able to make it.  Please give my apologize to the Bride and groom haha. 
(I edited this-won't bore you with corey's wedding talk...)
I'm being thinking about the christmas call.  I'm hoping that we will be able to Skype.  But we need to figure out when we can do it.  So it is an 8 hour difference between us.  So maybe i could call around 6 o'clock here and that would be 10 o'clock  your time.  I don't know what do you think?  I'm really excited for it.  It will be great if we can skype or just talk.  By the way what is you skype name so i can plan out the call? 
Benin is great.  It is way different than Togo.  It is a little hotter here because there isn't as many trees.  It is a huge city.  There are tons of people.  We went to the grande marche (large street market)today and there were people everywhere.  I guess it is the biggest marche in West Africa.  It was ginormous. 
Crossing the border wasn't that bad.  I got a few more stamps in my passport, so that was great.  It is great too because the border police already know that we are the missionaries so it was pretty easy.
So in my new apartment there are 4 elders: Elder Ndaye, Mulumba<my first trainer>, Ritchie<an american who is hitting his 6month mark soon>, and me.  We have a lot of fun together.  ELder Ndaye is really great.  He teaches really well and speaks french really really well.  I'm learning a lot from him so it has been great. 
I will miss my investigators and the members of Togo a lot.  I already miss them.  Also i miss the language of Togo.  I haven't learned any words in Fon<the language of Benin> yet.  So i'll have to get on that.  Also i miss the greenest of Togo.  Hopefully someday i'll get to go back.
Benin is way more developed.  There are tons of big buildings.  There is also tons of nice houses in my secteur because we are right next to the beach. 
I'm in Fidjrossé.  It is a very nice area.  People are pretty nice here and pretty willing to talk about the gospel.  We have a lot of great investigators who are probably going to be baptized soon. 
I learned a lot of things from my old companion. Two things he used to say is: We never know and Everyone is weird.  I really like the two phrases.  Because we really don't ever know what is going to happen, what investigator will work out, or even what the day will bring.  All we can do is to do our best.  The other one makes me laugh pretty hard.  I would tell him i'm sorry that i'm so weird and he would tell me everyone is weird.  And sometimes he would say that he is weird and i would respond that everyone is weird.  It is very true though.  That we all have our quirks and our diffculties but we all are trying to get better.
I will try and take a lot of pictures.  Thanks for serving pie and chels' wedding in honor of me haha. 
But i still love you more than all the pie you could serve, Elder Corey

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