Tuesday, August 13, 2013

New Branch

Hey Dad,
How has it been going?  I'm been doing pretty good here.  That is cool that you got to give a talk in church.  Yeah, it is hard to make Tithing super exciting.  I'm sure it went well though.  I liked your quote too because often times we explain to our amis that if they pay our tithing that God will take care of them financially   But i think Elder Irvins is right in the fact that that shouldn't be our attitude towards tithing but we should do it because we wont to help the church grow.
This week, I got to bare my testimony in church.  It went well.  It is interesting to be in a new ward.  A lot of new faces, although i do know a few because they used to come to Menontin.  It is interesting that they translate a lot of parts of the service in Fon(native language.)  It helps a lot for people who don't speak french.  Did you have have a problem on your mission of people not being able to speak spanish?  It is pretty cool to hear it.  Although, i understand only a little of what they say in Fon. I wonder if one day they will have Fon branches.
The branch is pretty new, but pretty strong already.  The branch president is a great guy and helps the branch so much.  He does a lot of stuff for the branch.  Sometimes it is hard because we don't have microphones or chalkboards but i'm sure that will come soon.  Almost everyone in our branch are recent converts, it is pretty crazy.  But even though they are recent converts they do a great job.  Also this week, we have our mormon hands service project on Saturday.  We are going to go pull a bunch of weeds for the youth home(similar to a YMCA) of Cococodji.  It should be pretty fun.
It sounds like the Tour of Utah was amazing.  Is it already finished?
Who won/is winning?  I can't believe how fast they are riding.  Are they pro riders?
That is great that you stayed over for the ward campout.  I remember we usually went home early haha.  That is great that you had a good turnout too.
Well, i had a question for you, dad. What is the best thing that you think a missionary could do to help his branch/ward and his bishop?  I thinking i'm going to do a lesson on that soon and was wondering what you think.
Well, i love you a ton dad.  I hope you have a great week. 
 I love you, Elder Corey Kimzey

Bonjour maman,
Je vais très bien et toi?  yeah, time is really flying.  Sometimes it suprise me how quick it has gone.  yeah, i always thought the 7th lap
was similar to the 8th in the fact that you have to give it all you It sounds like Mary poppins was cool.  They always seem to put on a good production.
I remember that Bro Doman told us about the helman club.  It sounds like that would be pretty awesome to do.
my new area is good.  it kind of in the outerskirts of cotonou.  So it can get pretty dusty.  We don't have a ton of amis but we do have a few.  Although, we have maybe 2 members.
So we usually take a bus, a taxi, or the assistants take us(since they are in the same apartement) to go to church.  It usually takes a good 15 minutes by car.
my apartement is a new one, so it is pretty fancy.  We dont even have
to sleep with mosquito nets because they installed them on the doors
and windows.  Cool huh?
This week it hasn't rained. Super cold though.  It has kind of been freaking people out, because the cold weather has lasted longer than usual.  It is kind of suprising.  I even got a cold sore it has been so cold haha.
I do,as zone leader, a lot of similar things that i did before.  We
are mostly incharge of doing some meetings and solving problems when they come up.  We have 12 missionaries in our zone(6 at Calive, 4 at Cococodji, 2(us) at cocotomey.)  It pretty fun because we are all in realtivily new secteurs.  I like all the missionaries in my zone a lot.  They work hard and seem to get along pretty well.  We just had a transfer so some of them should be switching out.  So it should be fun to get to know some other missionaries too.  oh, also my old companion, Elder Gomun, just got called to be the new assistant.  So he is going to be coming to our apartment soon.  We were only apart for like one week haha.  He is a really good missionary so i'm sure he'll do a good job as assistant.  Also i was talking to Elder Mundu(my companion who talked with you guys on mother's day), he told 
me to say hi to the whole family for him.
This week was a pretty good one.  Today, we went to the zoo near Porto Novo as a zone. haha.  It was pretty funny.  We got to see some aligators, gila monsters, bamboons, and lions.  It was kind of scary with the lions because their enclosing did seem that sure.  It was an 8 foot concrete wall with steel bars over the windows.  And then the tour guide started harassing the lions hoping that it would roar at us, but instead he just charged us a few times haha.  It was scary, but fun.  I got some good pictures too. This week we had some good lessons.  We had a great lesson with one ami who has been hesitant to fix a baptismal date.  We had a great lesson on how we can recieve answers to our prayers.  We talked about
how sometimes it is hard for us to recognize when Heavenly Father answers our prayers, if we don't pay attention.  She talked about how much her life had changed and how maybe that was an answer for God.  She said she was going to keep praying about it but she seems to be progressing.
Well, thanks mom for another email.  Can't believe how quick the time is going!  Thanks for being such a great mom.  I know that you have helped me so much to be the missionary that i am. 

 i love you more than pie,
Elder Corey KImzey

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