Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Transfers to Cocotomey

I don't usually post letters to elder kimzey's sister- but this was pretty cute...
  Chère ma soeur qui est bonne, douce, gentille, et intelligente,(My dear sister who is good, sweet, kind, intelligent,)
Comment tu vas? I'm doing good. How was XC camp? It sounds like it was a blast. I don't think i have ever done a nerd war. What is it exactly? That is great that you ran so much. I liked playing volleyball too. I think my team was similar to your team. We did pretty good most of the time. How is running going? Are you having a lot of fun?
 My week was good. I just got transferred. I have a new campanion whose name is Elder Mukenge. My old campanion told me to say hi to you. He always appreciated that you ask how he was doing. I have learned a lot of new things lately. I just finished the Book of Mormon which was great. It really is the word of God. My investigators are doing good. We just met a new family because of a girl about your age started coming to church.
 Ps I love you more than pie too.
 pps i like the lion king.
 pppsI'm not sure i have a favorite disney character.
pppps i really liked my senior year of running.
ppppps I like the state track 3200m my senior year. That race i felt like i really gave it my all. Have you every felt like that?
pppppps i started runnning when i was around 13. But did it off and on until my freshman year.
Je t'aime,
 Elder Corey Kimzey

 Yeah, i agree. The majority of the time JST and 3 nephi correspond, which probably means a translating issues. although, it is true that sometimes things are uniquely said in 3 nephi which probably means a message issue. How are you doing dad? I didn't get an email from you this week. I hope all is going well. This week has intresting with all the transfers. Although, at the begining of the week we had some great lessons. We have working hard with some of our recent converts. It is amazing how great they are. One told us that he was kicked out where he was living because the propertaire didn't like that he was going to our church. But luckly he found another place to stay. It is crazy how much faith people. People amaze me everyday. So now i'm serving in a new-created secteur? Did you ever get to serve in an area that was realitivly new when you were a missionary? I'm excited to work with my new campanion too. He seems like a really nice guy and an amazing missionary. The transfers were this morning so we have been together for a few hours and we have been having a good time so far. Also now i'm living in the same apartment with the assistants. Elder Poll and Elder Owusu. Elder Poll is from Mesa, Arizona and Owusu is from Ghana. They are both pretty funny guys. So it should be tons of fun, but they aren't home very much because they have so meeting and they have to travel back and forth to Togo. How has the ward been doing? How many missionaries are out now?
 Well, dad i love you and hope you have a great week. Elder Corey Kimzey

 Bonsoir maman,
Comment vas-tu? Je vais bien. Also, this week i sent you casey's letter. It seemed to work pretty well last time. Yeah we have been kind of in a draught. I has been pretty cold but not much rain. Which is kind of hard since electricity is created by rivers here, so they have been having a hard time gettin enough electricity. But in general we have electrcity. I usually get emails from Dyllen(which is always cool to see the similarities in our missions), jessica stone's, cj's, shane's, reann's, and casey's. I would like to hear the reader's digest version of Logan's. Also i haven't heard for Kendall in a long time. I hope he is doing well too. Ok, I'll keep you posted on the package. Also i'll make sure to write to carli about running too.
 My week has been quite an adventure. haha. On thursday, we had our zone conference. So my campanion and I did a lesson on how to find people to teach. It went really well. We talked about the importance of members. Then president Weed talked about how God has prepared people for us to teach that we just need to find those people. Overall it went really well. Then that night at like 9 pm we got a call from the assistants. It turns out that i got transferred. So now, I'm in Cocotomey. I'm going to be working with Elder Mukenge as zone leaders. He is from the Congo and is about to go home in 5 weeks. So it will be great to learn from him. Also Cocotomey is a newish secteur in a brand new zone. It is kind of on the outskirts of Cotonou. So from now on i will be going to the new branch in Cococodji. I'm pretty excited, i have to admit it was pretty hard to leave menontin though. I will definetly miss the members and my amis there but i know God has a reason for putting me in this new secteur. Also this week, we had a pretty good show for english class, around 15 people. I was pretty suprised. It pretty crazy to see all the people who wanted to learn english. Also, we had some great lessons this week. We started teaching a familly whose daughter was invited to church by a member. The mother at first seemed to be listening just to be nice, but as we continued our lesson about the restoration seemed to hit home. I could tell in her facial experissons that we were teaching something that seemed fimilar to her. It reminded me of what Boyd k packer said in Preach my gospel. That the things we teach aren't new to our investigators because they were thaught it in the pre mortal life.
 I love you too mom.
 Je t'aime plus que la tarte,
 Elder Corey Kimzey

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