Tuesday, October 8, 2013

5 months left...I'm really hitting my stride

Bonjour maman,
Comment ca va?  I'm doing great.  Yep, we have power and my amis are
doing well too.
Wow, it sounds like carli ran so well.  She is really improving.  I
can't believe she cut around 9 minutes off her time.  That is too bad
that she's not sure about  track.  I kind of thought
that my freshman year too. But it was during track that i really
learned how to run.  Maybe i try to encourage that in my email with
her.  I'm sure she'd love track. I would love to see her too.  LIke
you said Crazy to think that i'll could  be home for that.  Actually,
today i have 5 months left.  wow.
I heard for multiple people that conference was great.  Even someone
told me that it was many one of the best conferences yet.  We had two
of the seventy who serve in our area president talked.  Elder
Dube(from Zimbawe) and Elder Vinson(who is from Australia)  so i'm
excited to read their talks.  Yeah,  i have to admit that i think that
now is the time that i feel like i'm really hitting my stride as a
1.  Do you think that you will stay in Benin for the rest of the mission?
     I kind of hope to stay in Benin.  I have spent most of my mission
here.  So i'd like to stay here.  Supposely the next transfer is in
Nov or Dec, so i think i'll be here for a while.
2 Maggie and Sammy want to know if you have seen a giraffe (but not in a
zoo)?.No i have never seen any giraffes at the zoo nor in the wild.
3.   Maggie says hi! Say hi to maggie for me too.
btw- cj's date changed to come home to december 14th!
Wow, that is coming up.  The other day i found out that the group
right before us just got their flight plans.  How crazy is that?
5.  do you get to watch conference this week?
 no, i think we will probably watch it in novemeber.  We do have
our district conference coming up.  We are pretty excited for that
because we have a lot of people who are going to receive the
Melchizedek priesthood.
This week has been a pretty good one.  I think one of the best lessons
was one we had with one of amis who has been coming to church for a
while.  I think i've talked about her before, she the one who asked if
all the pasteurs have the autority of God.  So, she was telling us
about how she would like to be baptized but she doesn't know if she
could respect all of the commandements.  So we started talking about
what problems she could face and how itwould be hard.  So we decided
to read 1 nephi 3:7.  She was touched by that scripture and then we
told her that we were going to fix a goal and if she turned toward God
he would help her so that she could get baptized.  She gladly accepted
and she to be pretty excited about it.  It is pretty amazing how when
we show to God a little bit of faith he helps us to be able to do what
we need to do.
So things are going well in general.
  I love you a ton mom.  even more
than pie.  Je t'aime,
Elder Corey Kimzey

 Hey dad,
yeah, i got your email there is no worries.  Thanks for all the conference
quotes.  It sounds like Conference was great.  I'm doing good.  Yeah it was
kind of wierd to see my campanion going home.  but i love my new one too.
He is great.  He is from Madgascar.  It is the first malgasy campanion for
me.  He is going to go home about the same time as me.  He is thinking of
going to BYU though, so you'll get to see him if he goes there.
That is wierd that you had to go to conference by yourself.  But i just had
a wierd thought: atleast the next one we can go together.
Did i tell you also that Logan sent me an email to tell me that President
and Sister Weed happened to visit the ward he is serving in?
President Weed had to go back to the US to take care of a few medical
things so i guess he went to the same ward as Logan.  What a small world?
That is too bad that Byu beat USU.  I guess there is always next year.
But it seems like we say that every year haha.  That is cool that Stanford
won again.  We have a missionary here who is going to play football for
stanford after his mision.  He is a big guy. I hope he can keep in shape so
that he can still play for them afterward.
That is great that carli did so well.  She is improving so much.  I also
heard that Coach holt ran really well at the St; George marathon.
I like your quote on controlling your thoughts.
This week has been going well. This week we had a whole family come to
church.  It was great.  The husband usually comes to church but the rest of
the family usually can't come because they don't have a way to get to
church.  But this last week he bought a motorcycle so that his whole family
could come to church. It was great to see everyone there.
I think he leaned over and told me like 4 times,"did you see that my wife
came to church today?"  He was pretty excited.  And now they are planning to
get married soon.  Also it was great to see what an effect church can have
on the wife.  Before she wasn't very intrested but after church she asked us
if we could send over a book of mormon, so that she could read.  It is
amazing how church attendance can help.
Well dad, i love you a lot.  Good luck for your spritual thought. I think
this week i might have to give a talk in Church. So that should be
intresting.  The branch is going well.  We kept expanding each week.  The
leaders in our branch are great.  We have quite a few couples who need to
get married but they help us a lot with them.  Our branch is great too,
because we have mostly recent converts so the recent converts get a lot of
oppurtunites to participate, so they tend to stay more active.  Well i love
you dad.  Thanks for all that you do.
Have a good weektoo.  I love you,
Elder Corey Kimzey

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