Tuesday, October 29, 2013

No Halloween in Benin

Bonsoir maman,
ça va bien, et chez-toi? Time is flying by. I can't really believe
how fast my mission has gone by. I'm almost at my 20 month mark.
Yeah, i'm sure that it will speed up for casey around a year.
That is too bad that DH won state. Well not too bad for them, but
that would of be cool if we would of won. That is great that Byron
took second though. He has become so fast.
The weather is doing well. We got some rain so that helped a little.
This week it has been super hot and pretty dusty. But it is a good
thing that i like the heat. haha But it seems like the crops are
doing well.
That is so great that your mia maid applied what you were teaching.
I'm sure many of the others are listening and applying the lessons
Wow, you guys month is going to be crazy. We just started scouting
here a few month ago. We haven't started yet in our branch but i know
some of the branches do it. that is cool that the church has been
doing scouting for 100 years. Wow, i can't believe also that dad is
about to hit his 7th tithing settlement(numéro sept, ou on peut dire
1. How is teaching this week?This week was a great teaching week. On saturday, one of our amis
got baptized. She is amazing. She is one of my favorite
investigators. She is the one that i often write about. She is
great, she reads 2 chapters in the book of mormon everyday and tells
her sister what she learned in church so that her sister will come one
day. Now her sister has even accepted a Book of Mormon.
The amazing lesson i had this week was actually with an old
investigator. She actually was an ami of mine when i was in
Fidjrossé. When I was in Fidjrossé, she wasn't ever very intressed in
listening to our lessons(because she had her own church), but she did
love cooking for us. haha. But her sisters were super intressed, so
we kept coming, and after awhile we become great friends with her and
her family. But after a while even her sisters stopped progressing,
so we didn't visit them as much and then i was transferred. About 2
weeks ago, we were walking to our next rendez-vous, when this lady who
was a ways away started calling us over. As we got closer, i realized
that it was the same investigator that i had taught in Fidjrossé. So
we set up an appointment with her, for the upcoming week. When we got
there, she was so happy to see us. She told me how much she
appreciated our visits when i was in Fidjrossé. That all of her
family considered me of their friends. And For maybe the first time
she really took the time to listen to us. She explained to us that
she had left her old church, because of problems with the pasteur.
She then told us that she thinks that this is her time to join the
church. That God is showing her that she needs to join our church.
It was crazy to see how much she had changed. It made me realize that
God prepares everyone at different times. And that even if someone
isn't intressed today, maybe they will be one day.
2.  What is your favorite new french word that you have learned?
Well, that question reminded me of an experience the other day. So
we went to our amis' house who is a college student. She was doing
her math homework. She asked me if i could help her. I realized at
that moment that i had a lot of work on my math skills before i get
home. It was a question talking about metal producing companies, it
had tons of french terms that i have never used.haha So that was fun
to learn some new french. Also Elder Gomun teaches me a lot of French
words too. ONe word i learned from my amis' math homework was lot
which means something along the lines of type.
3.Carli wants to know how you acheived your level of awesomeness
Tell carli yes, i have acheived my level of awesomeness haha. I
don't know if i have acheived that or not. I hope to achieve that
4.  What is the best thing about your companion?My campanion is super funny. He is always joking around. Also he
is way relaxed and chill. I love him a lot.
5.Did people in your apartment change? Who is there now?nope, It is still Elder Rav, Elder Gomun, ELder Poll, and me
Well, i love you mom. I hope you have a great week. I tried to send
you a photo again, but it didn't work again. Maybe next week. I love
you more than all the pie, even Pumpkin pie, and all the haloween
treats you can eat,
Elder Corey Kimzey

Hey dad,
This week in Africa was great. How was your week? We are teaching quite of
few people. We have quite of few new amis, and some really good ones. We
have an investigator who is awesome. She reads a ton.
The missionary who contacted her gave her the book of mormon and she loved
it from the start. The other week she called us to tell us that she read in
the book of mormon about the urium and thumim(i have to admit i was a little
nervous when she said that) and that she crossed referenced it with things
in the bible. She said that she thought that was really intressed. I have
to admit i was amazed about how much she understood it already. This week we
gave her the brouchure:
Testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith. She told us that she loved it.
Then she explained to us that she thought that so people might have a
problem with the idea that an angel(angel moroni) could visit a person. So
she had found some scriptures for us in the bible to help people understand
that. It is the first time for me to have an investigator who searches
scriptures to convince other people. She is really amazing. I hope she'll
kept progressing.
It sounds like you guys are really busy this week. No, we don't celebrate
halloween here. The other day i tried to explain it to my campanion. He
thought it was a pretty awesome and funny.
Wow, i had no idea that the Kirtland temple cost so much money. That must
of been hard when many of them had to move to Missouri. That is awesome
that President Woodruff wore a white deerskin outfit. I always liked seeing
everyone in white. I'm so glad that i had a bunch of time to go to the
temple before my mission. I know some missionaries in our mission who went
through for the first time at the MTC and got to go maybe 2 or 3 times
before coming on their mission.
Well dad, i love you and i hope you have a great week, Elder Corey Kimzey

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