Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Bad Cold

Bonjour Comment vas-tu? Moi, je vais bien. It sounds like
thanksgiving was awesome. That is great that so many people were able
to come up for it. That is great that all of our football teams seem
to win too. haha
...This week, i taught gospel principes. We were talking about
Obessience(obedience). And a lady asked a question but the way she worded it was
kind of wierd. So i did my best, but she wasn't sastified with the
answer. Good things, some of the investigators and members explained
it to her better and she seemed to be ok. So i guess it happens to all
of us.
Answers(daily double)
1. Did you try out your card? did it work?
yeah i tried out my card. It worked. I don't know why it didn't
work before, i used the same bank and everything. But it seems to be
working now.
2.  sending your last missionary package- so last requests??? Did you get your xmas package?I got my xmas package, but i haven't opened it yet. scout's honor. Although, it was pretty tempting haha. I can't think of anything particularly, maybe some granola bars.haha
3. could you look for a nativity set from there? I could put money in your account, anything cool, like wood carved???Yeah, i think this next week we are thinking of going to Tokpa(the
big market) or the hall of arts. So I think i'll be able to find it. I think Elder Poll bought one, so i'll ask him for how much it got it. Also, i was wondering if there was anything else you guys wanted?
4. I got a note from the semkins- are you feeling better? was it a cold? Yeah, i'm feeling a lot better. I had a really really nasty cold. haha. I wasn't able to leave the appartement for like 4 days. But
now, i'm doing great.
5.What is a cool christmas tradition there?
Well, on christmas day if you visit someone you have to eat at there
house. They just constantly cooking that day. haha. So that day we
get super stuffed.

Wow, i can't believe that cj is coming home already in 13 days. That
is absoutly crazy. Did I tell you that Elder Poll is going home the
same day? So we got a new assistant in our appartement. His name is
Elder Ritchie. He is one of my best friends, so it is pretty fun.
6. (arranging for xmas call!!!)Ok i can give my number to you when ever you want.
This week wasn't really exciting because i stayed home for most of it.
But Sunday was pretty great. I hadn't planned on giving the lesson
in the 2nd hour but no one else had prepared a lesson either. So i
volunteered. It turned out pretty well actually. Like i said before
it was all about obedience. We had a intresting discussion about when
motivates us to respect the commandements. Is it fear, blessings, or
our love for God? It was really intresting but we decided that in the
end we have to be motivated by our love for God if we want to endure
to the end. I learned a lot from that lesson.
Ok, i can't wait to hear from you too. It is crazy to think that it
will be the last time that i call.
love you more than pie too,
Elder Corey Kimzey

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