Tuesday, November 26, 2013

November 25

Dear dad,
How is it going? This week has been awesome. We have had a ton of  things going on this week. On Saturday, there were 7 people baptized  in our branch 2 family and 2 little kids(that my companion and i teach)It was pretty great. Then after the baptism, that afternoon we  had an missionary activity that my companion and i were in-charge of. I didn't think many people would show up but 95 people did. It was  fun, we watched the film the testaments and then answered questions about the book of mormon. Then we eat sandwiches and beesap. It was  great.
 That is great that Aunt Nicole's play went so well. That is amazing how many temple names you guys have already done. It seems like each week  you seem to do a ton.I really like those scriptures. Especially the scripture about the  importance of the holy ghost. We were talking to one of our ami who has a hard time understanding why she needs to get baptized again. She was telling us about how she had done many miracle and healed  people so that must mean that she has the gift of the holy ghost. But  she doesn't realize that the things she feels isn't actually the gift of the holy ghost but the influence of the holy ghost. Hopefully,  she'll come around.
 My week is going pretty well. The branch is going well. We had tons of people at church again, which was a good sign because we have had a  lot of people absent lately. We don't really celebrate thanksgiving  here. School is about to take a break though. I love you too and
 have a great week, 
Elder Corey Kimzey

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