Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Last Week :)

Bonjour tout le monde,(Hello everyone)
Comment ca va? We got our travel plans this week!!! We are now leaving monday the 7th. Here is the general plans
May 7th: We get to the travel office at 5 am
Then we leave to the SLC ariport. We have a flight that leaves from about 8 o'clock to JFK. Its about a four hour flight
We have 3 hours in JFK. Hopefully I will be able to call during that time. Also it will be cool to be in such a famous airport.
So we then leave JFK to Charles de Gaulle. I know awesome right, I get to be in Paris. It is an 6 hour flight . We should be there about 8 in the morning for french time, but about midnight in Utah time.
Then we have 7 hours in Charles de Gaulle. That should be fun, but we can't leave the aeroport. Hopefully, we get to practice our french a ton and share gosepl too. After that we have a 7 and a half hour flight to Cotonou. I think we get there late tuesday night around 9 Benin time.
So yeah its pretty exciting. I can't wait for the day, but for now i'm still loving the MTC. Also thanks Ryan, Sarah, and Aunt Jana for the food. I got it today and i'm really excited to eat it. It looks really good. Thank you. Also, I haven't got a letter from Elder Harding, but i'm sure it will come anyday now. So pretty much, nothing much has happened this week. We had a devotional by Russel M Nelson. He taught about the difference between doctrine and doctrines, which i had never noticed. He said that throughout the scriptures they use doctrines when referring to wickedness ie the doctirnes of men. And the scriptures use doctrine when talking about the doctrine of christ. It was way intresting and awesome. Also today was our last day at the temple. It is crazy to think that our time is coming to an end. I feel like I just got here yesterday. Also we got to go to in-field orientation this week. It was pretty fun to meet a bunch of other missionaries. Also it was way cool to see how much the ward helps with missionary work. That is defiently something i didn't relaize before was how involved ward members and Bishops in missionary work. I'm really thankful all those who do get involved because it helps us as missionaries so much. Also last sunday all the missionaries that are leaving sang "Souvien-Toi" in sacramenting. Its only in the french hymn book, but i love it. Also congrats carli on doing so well as goalie and on being a missionary. I bet you did a great job teaching the plan de salut. Also tell casey, good job on his run. I know that the SUU track meet is always a beast because of that stupid wind. Just trust in your ablilities and you'll do great.
Weight: i'm not quite sure if you meant me or my luaggage. I'm doing good. I haven't weighed myself in awhile because the field opened up. I have been playing tons of kickball and horseshoes latly, which has been a blast. Also luaggage, i'm not sure. We haven't really started packing yet. I'm hoping to start packing today and do a little each day.
Package: I haven't recieved a package containing a bunch of stuff for africa, but i'm sure it will come anyday now. Also I'm planning on sending one home full of stuff that might not be useful in africa like a big quilt.
French: We are trying to speak in french all this week. We have forgotten sometimes but its been pretty fun.
Je vous remerci pour les lettres et pour votre amour.  Thank You for letters and for your love Je suis trés euthastic que je puisse aller en Afrique.I am very euthastic I can go to Africa.   Je sais que l'église est vrai.I know the church is true.  Je sais que l'évangile peut aider tout le monde.   I know that the gospel can help everyone Je suis trés heureux que je puisse enseigner l'évangile.   I am very happy that I can teach the gospel. (thank you google translate!-kim)
Well my time is up,
Je vous aime,
Elder Corey Samuel Kimzey

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