Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Week 3 adventures


Comment Ca va?  So I switch campanions and apartments this week.  So that was kind of an adjustment.  My new area(Domessasse) is really awesome, the members here help so much.  They are always giving refferals and willing to help teach lessons.  Its a testimony builder of just how important members are to missionary work.  Also I've got to try a lot of different food while i'm here because each person takes a turn.  So i'm loving trying all this different foods.  My campanion makes pretty good food, but he is french so that makes sense. 

Corey and His First Companion
This week i've had some different teaching experiences haha.  Before my old campanion and I were transfered we had this lesson with an amie who always seems to argue with us about everything.  Well this time she decided to bring along a minster with her,  so the lesson was actually going really well until we got to the apostasy.  The guy just went off on us about how we were distorting the word of god and etc.  So we decided we would just ask them to pray and ask God if the things we were saying were true. The minster said he wouldn't instead he said he would pray for God to flog us.  And if we were flogged he would know we were lying.  So he prayed right in front of us for the people who distort the world of god to be flogged.  Then it was then fun to try to explain to Elder Mulumba in french what the word flogged means.  We were defintly supprised, later we just had to laugh.  So that was a pretty funny experience.  I hope though that she does pray though.  Also I had one of my best lessons yet.  My new campanion(elder Noumbolibona)  loves to give me tons of oppertunities to teach.  I usually try and teach half of the lesson, which was kind of nerve wracking at first.  So he let me teach God is our loving heavenly father, family, prophets, and the Joseph Smith story.  I was really kind of nervous but it actually flowed really well.  My french was not perfect, but it was good enough.  I know that it wasn't all me.  I know that the Holy Ghost helped so much during that lesson. We are doing a lot of contacting because the elder before me couldn't go out because of his back.  I like contacting, but its way better to teach lessons.  The day goes by way faster way we are teaching.  We get to teach a lot though which is really nice. 

Living Quarter:  Right now I actualy live above the church.  Our apartment is really nice.  Its a lot nicer than the one in souza.  There is 6 elders that live in the apartment.


New food:  I thought you'd like this one because you could make it in america.  We had a mangez-vous with a member yesterday.  She but in this bowl tons of avacados, tomatoes, onions.  Then she mixed mayo, hotdogs, vingear?, and salt in another bowl.  She then but the hotdog mixture on top of the other.  We ate it with some bread.  It was way good.  I was kind of skeptical at first, but it was some of the best food I've had.
Photos:  I've uploaded a few photos, I hope you get them.  The first is of my old campanion and me in front of our house.  The Second is a view from the top of my house in souza nietime.  The third is of our bathroom.  Yes there is no shower curtain.  The Fourth is of our kitchen.

Something different here:  The picture that you see with everyone carring stuff on there heads is actually true.  All really heavy things they carry on their heads.  It actually is really awesome because they can use their hands as they do it.

So I'm really liking it here.  There is some adjusting to african culture, but its actually really funny sometimes I forget that this isn't average for the whole world. 
 Je Vous aime,
Elder Corey Kimzey

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