Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Amies and American Football

Bonsoir tout le monde,
This week has seemed to really fly by.  Each week seems to be getting faster and faster.  This week also finally all the ovb(ouvrir votre bouche, open your mouth which means in essence is contacting) has really started to pay off.  WE have some really great new amies.  WE have one named messon who is really great.  At first he was a little hesitate.  He flat out told us, he didn't really believe what we said but he would read and look into it.  Then the next time it was kind of like night and day.  We talked about Joseph Smith and the book of Mormon and he said,"C'est Bon."  We were really happy he is progressing well.  I know its not because of me because I know my french is still not perfect.  Also we started teaching Afi and Late.  Afi works as a maid and Late as a chauffer for the same lady.  So we teach them as they have breaks.  When we told them about Joseph Smith, Late said he feels like Joseph Smith with all the churches around.  There are a lot of churches here, more than america.  Also it was a miracle that happened on Sunday.  We had an appointment with an amie named Antoine Congo on Saturday.  All was going to plan when it started to rain.  When it rains here it rains a ton.  It makes it really hard for people to get home because the roads are made of dirt.  So when we got to his house he wasn't there.  So we were kind of sad, but understood because most of our appointments had fallen through because of the rain.  Then on Sunday, he shows up at church.  We hadn't even started teaching him yet.  So that was really awesome.  He seems way interested and really liked church.  So good signs there.  Right now is the raining season, so it rains here probably once every two days.  Its nice because its a lot cooler when it rains.  Also we have another ami who we just starrted teaching, she is very catholic but is starting to open up to the idea of our chearch. Yeah so we have started having more and more amies hopefully some of the others will progress well too.

For Pday we went and played american football on the beach.  It was fun to explain some of the rules to the others.  The beach here is really nice, but no one ever is there.  It was way funny.  There was a fisherman's boat there so i thought everyone would think that was cool.  We took some pictures and stuff. It was fun.  Also we went to the grande marché, grand market, there was people everywhere.  People will try to sell me things as your just standing there.  Also everything is negotiable, so everyone is bartering.

 It was pretty cool.  Also I put a picture on of something that people eat here all the time.  Its called foufou.  You eat it with your hands, no silverware.  You take the dough looking stuff and form it into a ball in your hand and then dip it in the sauce stuff.  The sauce also had some beef in it which is pretty rare here.

 So yeah everything is going well.  I love my campanion.  He helps me with everything.  He speaks perfect french so that helps a ton.  He also is really great with our amies.  So my french isn't perfect but it has improved a lot.  I usually teach half of the leasons which is pretty crazy compared to before when I would usually teach one section with my other campanion.  The gift of the spirit is real because I know sometimes I don't explain things well and still the person understands.  Its pretty crazy.
Je vous aime,
Elder Corey Kimzey


  1. It sounds like Elder Kimzey is doing well! I really liked his pictures. Do you mind if I use some of his pictures to share on Landon's blog? (I will give him credit) His mom must have taught him well! I haven't seen a picture of FuFu or the market from Elder Layton just yet ;)
    You are always welcome to share any of Landon's pictures as well!

  2. Wow, Corey, I love your blog! You are so amazing and I know the Lord sent you there because through all of the hardships you know how to make it seem so easy! I know you learned that hard things can be done with your running experiences and to never quit! You are my hero. Keep up the hard work!
    Sharon Cafferty