Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Bonjour tout le monde,
 Comment ça va? Je vais bien. This week has been pretty fun. We spent a lot of time helping 2 of our amis who are going to be baptized this week. It really helps that they both knew the church before hand and that we often get to teach them with members. One of them told us the other day that he has been looking for the true path. He told us the other day that he believes he has found it. It was definitely a cool moment. Also i'm really excited for the other ami too because she has been talking with the missionaries for a really long time, but now has decided to be baptized. I have to admit I'm loving this branch. We really have tried to work well with the members because there is around 25 recent converts in my area. Which is pretty fun because we get to hear all of their great stories about how they met the missionaries. Also this week, I started teaching English Class this week with the Elder Baker. So I'm hoping that we help me relearn English. (insert mom and dad laughing!)We have a bunch of people who want to learn, so i'm hoping we can help them a little so that they can learn english.
 Also I found out that next week for p-day we are going to ouidah. It is a kind of touristy village near togo. I guess one of there main attractions is a snake house. I guess they have a bunch of huge (non poisonous) snakes that you can wrap around yourself and take a bunch of pictures. So I'm pretty scared and excited for that haha. It actually should be really fun.
 Well, Je vous aime tous,
 Elder Corey Kimzey

 Bonjour maman,
 Comment tu vas? Wow, it sounds like you had a pretty great week. I really like your ideas for your lessons. It sounds like it went well.
 You mean to tell me carli is competitive? I don't know if i can believe that. haha Just kidding. That is pretty cool that they get to go to region. It seems like they win at every sport.
 That is too bad that casey didn't get to run. Although, Hurricane never really was a good meet. No one every qualifies there. That is good that Carli won her soccer game. She seemed pretty excited when she told me about it.
 (We have a friend who's son is going to Ghana, so I asked corey what he know about it.)
Well, i know a few elders from ghana and a few people who live here who are from there. I have seen a few pictures too. It looks quite a bit more developped than Benin or Togo. Especially in Accra. Also i heard in accra most people speak really good english. Also i heard the Ghana Mtc is pretty cool. Also i think in Ghana they eat a lot of Enyams, so i'm sure shane will like that.
(Corey's good running friend from HS is getting married this week and I asked if he wanted to write something for the card)
yes, i will send you an email just after this one that you can put in the card...
(are you planning on Utah State after your mission?)
I think i still going to go to Utah State. There is actually tons of missionaries in this mission who went there before the mission and plan on going there after. I'm not sure about running. The probably is that i pretty fat now. haha.
(Carli didn't get a letter last week- do you think it got lost?)
I swear i wrote carli but maybe i forgot or maybe in got lost. I'm not sure.
 Well, This week has been a pretty great one. I cant believe how fast it has gone by either. I love you a lot. Oui même plus que la tarte,
 Elder Corey

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