Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Casey's mission call

Bonjour Mamman,
Comment tu vas?  Thanks for the video, although, i kind of cheated.  Because it took 30 minutes for it to load and i couldn't wait that long.  haha.  What!!! that is so cool!!  I know tons of people in that mission.  I think also that means that in our family  we should just speak french all the time.  haha.  Carli told me she is going to learn french too, so i guess it will totally work out.  That is cool that casey won best legs too.  I like the photo.  That is crazy that Shean is going to Japan like his sister.  Although, it kind of makes sense because they both speak japanesse.  I can't believe Shane is coming to Africa.  I heard the Ghana MTC is pretty intresting.  Also since he'll be in Accra he will probably learn some Ewe(which is the same language of Togo)  
Yeah, i heard there french (canadian french) is kind of different and even sometimes they speak frenglish. haha.  Although, i'm going to have to tell the canadian family here.  They are actually from montreal but now they live in Ontario.  But still i think they grew up there.  
Holy cow that is so crazy cold.  That is crazy considering we have been burning here in Benin.  I heard that Montreal is way pretty.  My mtc teacher served his mission in montreal.  Also i know that they also have had a lot of missionaries go home, so they have had a bunch of new missionaries in that mission.  I will defintely come and translate for you.  Also i know there are tons of Africans there also.  
1.  what is the name of your new missionary from the US?
The new missionary is named Elder Baker.  He is from Spanish Fork.
2.  do you have a great story to tell us?
Well this week was pretty great.  One of our ami decided that he is ready to be baptism.  He just stopped us on the street and told us that he was ready. 
3.  I heard it's been crazy hot?  When does rainy season start?
It has been way hot.  I think that the rainy season starts around April or May.  
4.  did you have anyone in the MTC going to Quebec?  Did they learn french with you or separate?
Yeah i know tons of missionary going to the Montreal mission.  I remember one was even from st george.  I think his name was Truman.  He went to dixie and played soccer there.  They were all in the same branch with me.  So probably some of them might even remember me.  They are usually in the class just next to us.  
5. What is your favorite food in Benin?
That is hard to pick my favorite Benin food.  I really like Enyams.  Also i like pâte with mayock.  
6.  We got an email from the Semkins- do you see them much?
That is so cool you got a letter from the semkens.  They actually work with us every sunday because we teach an english speaking family.  I love them a lot.  They are a great couple.  
7.  How is your greenie doing?  How long has he been on his mission?
Elder Kogani is doing pretty good.  He is hilarous.  He is definetly one of my favorite campanions.  He has now been on his mission for 1 month.  

Excerpt from dad's email...
 I'm really loving this area.  It is one of my favorite areas.  sometimes i think that you guys should just move here because it is so awesome.  This week has been so great.  We found out this week that one of our amis is getting married the 23rd.  So we are really excited for them.  They even invited us to their wedding.  They are a really great couple.  I will definetly send you some pictures.  I really do hope that someday i will be able to come back here.  I have so many friends here now.  Maybe we all will come someday.  Well, i love you dad.  I hope all your bishop stuff  keeps going well...


Je t'aime maman plus que la tarte,
Elder Corey

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