Thursday, July 11, 2013

Catching a bus

Bonjour Mamman,
Comment vas-tu?  How was the lake(considering you'll probably off of it when you read this?)  Did you catch some big air?
(told elder kimzey i was going to start a new scripture study and asked how he marked his scriptures)I have heard that idea before and i hope to try it when i get back. Well, i bought some scriptures  crayons when i was at the mtc.  It came in 6 different colors.  Five of which corresponded with the five missionary lesson ie blue for the first lesson, and there is a red crayon left over that i use to mark scriptures that i like or i think apply to missionary work.  It seems to work for me.  That is great that you have been getting a bunch of missionary  reports.  Cj's mom sent me his report.  It was kind of fun to see the differences.  So my week was a pretty great one.  We hosted a basketball activity.
It was a lot of fun even though i'm pretty sure we lost. haha.  Ok the best story of the week was probably when we were teaching one of our amis.  He has a hard time speaking french but we bring along a members so it usually works out well.  Well, a few lessons ago we talked about the importance to forgive others.  We challenged him to try and
forgive others but afterward i kind of forgot about it.  This week he told us how he has started to forgive others around him and how it has changed his life.  He told us that his wife has even noticed a difference in him.  It was so cool to see how the application of a lesson changed this mans life.  He thanked us a million times.  It was really great.
The funniest part was probably when we did a split on Wednesday.  I was with Elder Montross who is from Michigan.  We were trying to catch a bus.  well, we weren't having much luck.  We were able to call down our first bus easily, but the second bus was diffucult because all the buses were full.  I probably should explain that there are two types
of buses here.  There is the big bus of Benafrique and the smaller "buses" which are more like vans.  The big bus is 300 fcfa and the small ones are only 200 fcfa.  But to get on the little ones you have to yell out where you are going and if they are going there they will stop and pick you up but if not they just continue on their way.  So we were at Etoile Rouge which is probably the biggest intersection in Benin trying to call down buses right around rush hour.  I have
actually  have a lot of practice doing this but we weren't having much luck that day.  Finally an older lady came over and started calling down buses for us.  It was awesome, she would call out for us before calling out for herself.  Eventually we ended up finding a bus, it was super nice of her.  One of the more spiritual experiences was that we have been teaching two guys who seem intrested and seem to progress well.  My campanion asked them a simple question along the lines of What have you done this week to grow nearer to god.  The two explained to us how they actually have been having committing some serious sins but that they want to change their lives.  We asked them how we could help.  they
told us that they just wanted us to continue to  help them understand the word of God.  It was amazing to me to see how much faith they had in the simple fact of hearing the word of God could change their lives.  they seemed to be really progressing.  It made me kind of think about why we are really here.  It is to help people change their lives through the gospel and ordannces.  It was a great experience.  Well, i'm sorry if my letter is a little long this week.  It has been
a great week.  Not much has change in our neck of the woods.  No one is leaving in our district even.  I hope you had a great week.  I can't believe casey only has 2 weeks.  I love you more than pie.
Thank you for everything mom.  Je t'aime,
Elder Corey Kimzey

Hey dad,
I just wrote you a long letter and i hope it go to you but i don't think it did.  so I'll try to write as much as i remember.
How was your week at Lake powell?  It sounds like you guys had a blast.  Yeah, we had another great week this week.  I tried to put some of the details in mom's letter.  The thing that i really noticed this week is how blessed i am.  The fact that i'm able to recieve an education, that i recieved the gospel, and that i have a family that loves me.
It is crazy to see how hard working people are here.  Many of the kinds do odd jobs to be able to pay for their schooling and if they can't go to school they pick up an aprentissage like mechanics, tailors,or barbers.  I bet the saint george pioneers were similar in many ways.  for example, that people here are more concentrated on things that are important like family more than other things.  I wish sometimes that you could just stay here for a week.  I'm sure that you
would love the people. I love you a lot dad. 
well.  Say hi to all the priest for me and Brother Hadlock. 
 I love you,
Elder Corey Kimzey

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