Tuesday, September 24, 2013

It was really cold today, like 78 degrees!

Hey dad,
 How is it going? Things are going great here. Yeah, the power was out, so i wasn't able to write. Yeah, we should be getting a ton of missionaries soon. I think we are getting around 21. It is pretty exciting. Yeah, i don't think there are many cyclists here. And also the roads are a little rough, so that would be a little hard to have a tour here. Although, i did see a cyclist the other day. It sounds like Kaylee's wedding was super nice. Mom sent me a picture, kaylee and her husband seemed pretty happy which is probably the most important thing. It is good to hear that everyone was able to make it down too. Thanks for the quote dad. I will definetly use that one. I think you are right, i think often we think about the atonement and how it helps us overcome sin, but sometimes we forget how it helps us overcome other problems too. LIke the alma 7:11-13 says. That is too bad utah state lost. They never seem to be able to pull out the big upsets. I sure one day they'll put it all together. Maybe when i'll get back. That is too bad that byu lost again too. They seem to be really struggling lately. Hopefully they will come around. Yeah, i'm way excited for conference. We will probably get to watch it in Novemeber. Hopefully they even play it at our branch. Also i almost forgot to tell you our exciting news here in Benin. This week for the first time, we are going to be able to do our baptisms at the branch here at cococodji. Before we only had 1 baptismal font in Benin, but now we have 2 soon 3. How cool is that. I thought i'd share an experience that i had this week with a family. The family isn't free very often, but we usually teach them once a week. At first when we invited them to church, they politely told us that it wasn't possible. That they had responsibilties in their own church and didn't have time to come to ours. But the next time, when we talked about the apostasy and the restoration, their hearts seemed to be touched by that. They said that they would try and come. They didn't end up coming, but it made me think about how amazing the message of the restoration is. How crazy is it to think that God has restored his church here on the earth. What a blessing! Well, i've been writing casey and he seems to be doing good. The first 6 weeks are hard but it gets easier after that. you know dad, often i really wish you could be here, to meet all the amazing people here. I'm sure that you would love them and love teaching them. And i'm sure you would be a way better teacher that i would be. Often i brag to the other missionaries about how cool my dad is. Thanks for being such a great example and i hope someday you get to meet these people.
 I love you, 
Elder Corey Kimzey 
 Bonsoir maman,
 Comment ça va? Guess who has power, i do!!!haha. Last week, the power had been coming off and on all day long. So i was able to read you emails but then after that they cut the power for the rest of the day. So today i'm hoping that this will go through. But don't worry all is well here. First thing first, i thought i would tell you that today it has been raining all day long. So your prayers have been working. It was kind of funny though, because today we played a soccer match against some teenage kids in a nearby neighboorhood. We got owned haha 5-0. But it was a lot of fun in the rain. Although pretty cold. But then we looked on a therometer and it was only 78°f. Then i realized that i'm going to struggle in the winter when i get back. haha. It sounds like kaylee's wedding went well. It is hard to think of all the cousins who have gotten married since i started my misson. It has got to be around 5 or 6. That is too bad that byu and usu lost. But it sounds like usu played well at least. Maybe when i get back they have a good team. I did hear from casey. He sounds like he is doing prety well. That would be great if you could send his weekly family letters too. 1. My new companion is great. He is pretty funny. We work well together too. 2. the new missionaries come the 16 of october. There are 21 missionaries who are going to come. That is a lot for our mission. Usually, as a zone leader i don't train unless it is absoultly nessariry. 3. My amis are doing great. 2 are going to be baptized this saturday. They are part of a parital member family. We have been working with this family a ton so it is nice to see that more of them will be members soon. I love that family a lot. Also we have an ami who has come to church a few times but hasn't been abled to get baptized because he needs to get married with his wife before he can get baptized. We talked to him the other day and he told us that he is ready to get married and baptized. It has been cool to see how he has come to know that our message is true. At first, he seemed to think that we were like all the other churches, but little by little he has come to know the truthfulness of our message. 4.a funny story... well i know you might think this is kind of a lame one, but the other day i was kind of running late. So i was trying to get ready to leave and eat at the same time haha. Not the smartest ideas. So just after i put on my white shirt, i went to eat some of my rice with tomato sauce. As i bet you could imagine what happen next. As i did this the tomato sauce splattered all over my white shirt haha. The good thing was i had a spare one handy. haha 5.This week has been full of good lessons, i'm not sure exactly why. but it has been great. We had a lesson with this lady that we have been teaching for a while. She is kind of like my beninoise grandma haha. I love her to death. I think nanny jo and grandma hawaii would really like her too. She is pretty funny. So we have been teaching her for a while but she has never come to church. Every time she has a small problem, but she never seems to be able to make it. So on saturday, we were talking to her about baptism. She had a lot of questions and the lesson was going well. We started talking about how we have to be baptized by someone who has the autority She then asked(something along the lines of) well, do all the pasteur hold the autority or not? Questions like that can kind of be kind of sensitive because we don't want to hurt the person's feelings but at the same time we want to help they understand the nessecity of the autority. When she asked the question, i wasn't sure how i was going to answer her. But i felt like we should read in 3 nephi 11 about how jesus christ said we have to be baptized. She read it and seemed to agree that that was a good way to be baptized. Then i asked the question, you said that there are many different ways that people baptize, but do you think that all these different baptism are done by the autority of god?. Looking back, i usually wouldn't ask a question like that. Even my companion told me he was shocked how straightforward i was. But it turned to be exactly the right question and the right way to handle it. She told us that she didn't believe that all those people could baptize in the different manners and still have the autority of god. She even then accepted to be baptize and she came to church too. That lesson taught me that it is important to listen to the spirit and not to teach all the lessons the same way. That everyone is different so they need to be taught a little differently. I have to admit that is one of the things that has suprized me the most over my mission. The fact that i can say things(when guided by the spirit) that i would never have the guts before to ask someone. haha. It is amazing how the spirit supports us. 6.Well, i just finished the book of mormon a few weeks ago, so i'm planning on restarting that again. I did study the other day about the gospel of jesus christ. I was reading in 3 nephi 27 starting with 13. I found that chapter intresting. Especially the verses 13-16ish. I like them a lot. Well, that was the things that happened this week. I love you a lot mom. I can't believe that there are only 22 sundays that rest. That isn't that many. 
 Well I love you more than pie. 
 Ton fils, 
Elder Corey Kimzey

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