Tuesday, September 3, 2013

No internet connection last week...

Bonjour!!!  Comment ça va?  Like we say in Benin it feels like we haven't seen each other for 2 days(or or in other words for a really long 
time.)  Last week, we didn't have internet connection in all of Cotonou, so none of the missionaries got to write, but thankfully this week there is.
Wow, the yard looks great.  I don't think i have ever seen our yard look that good.  I really liked you sign too.  That is cool that Cotonou is the furthest away.
I can't believe Casey flies out already. What day does he fly out?  I have talked to him a few times.  He seems to be doing great.  He seems to be adjusting well.  I'm sure he'll do great.

reponse à vos question:

1.  what are the names of the elders in your apartment?   There is Elder Mukenga, Elder Poll, Elder Gomun, and me
2.  (for your companion)  what is elder kimzey's best missionary quality?.he says that i'm nice and servable, and i'm too loving.

3.  what do you love most about your companion?  My campanion is great.  The thing i love most about him is how he is just so nice.  He is probably one of the nicest persons i know.
4.  How many missionaries are assigned to your branch? We have 8 missionares in our branch. 4 from our apartment and 4 from cococdji.
5.How is the drought?  It did rain a little bit the other day.  But in general it has been pretty dry.
6.  Are you having more problems with power?For the most part we have been ok.  The hard thing is that the President of the country decided to dismiss his whole campanion (cabinet??) and then the next few days we had some power outages so people were kind of mad.  But things have calmed down and people are ok with him again.here is a link to a news article about the President of Benin)http://uk.reuters.com/article/2013/08/09/uk-benin-government-idUKBRE9780G220130809
7. How did your talk for zone conference go? My lesson went ok.  I talked about how missionaries can either be a burden or a blessing for their branch president.  We talked about how a missionary could be a blessing and how he could be a burden.  It was interesting to see how the missionaries answered.  They talked about how we have to be their to serve and not critical the little things.  Also Dad gave me some thoughts about that so that helped. 
Speaking of our branch, i love my branch here at Cococodji.  It is awesome.  We don't have very many members who have been in the church for more than a couple month but in general the branch works well.
Our branch presidency is awesome too. At cococodji, so of the investigators are having a hard time getting married.  So the branch presidency said that they will totally help them out.  Also sundays are pretty great.
This sunday was pretty good.  We had a lot of people come bear their testimonies.  Some of them were in Fon so i didn't understand those haha, but the ones that i did understand were great.  Even one of our investigators bore his testimony.  It was his first time coming to church even.  He was sitting next to me and then he asked if he could
bear his testimony too. I told him that he could if he wanted to. Then to my suprise, he gets up and starts bearing his testimony.  I have to admit, i was a little nervous because we haven't been teaching him very long.  He got up and bore a great testimony about how the book of mormon is true and how we have to love one another.  I was so suprised.  He is a great guy.  He actually goes to Jeohvah's witness church but started to take the lesson nevertheless.  It realy likes
our teaching and absoultly loves the book of mormon.  One day he was having a hard time understand how the fall of adam and eve were part of the plan of god.  We read a bunch of scriptures in the book of mormon.  Then my campanion gave him one and after reading he looked up at us and said, The book of mormon is filled with wisdom of god(something along those lines)  It definetly reinforced my testimony of the Book of Mormon.
Also lately,  we have found a lot of people who are earnestly seeking the truth.  They are kind of sick of how there are so many church, and they just want to know which one is true.  So teaching has been going well.  The other day a bad thing did happen, we were walking to our appointment and when we got there we didn't have our phone.  We called
it and it turns out that someone had stolen it(we think that it might have fallen out of my pocket and then someone picked it up.)  So the mission is working on getting us a new phone but we have been working like the ancient missionaries this last week. haha It is all good though because it gives a good excuse to randomly show up to fix appointments haha.
Can you believe that i only have 6 months left?  It is pretty crazy.

My campanion goes home in 10 days.
  I love you a lot mom.

hey mom,
I almost forgot.  Guess who got a package?  I did!  Thanks for the package! Our apartement has been partying it up this last week with the things which are in it.  Also i gave the dedorant to Elder Mundu. HE was really thankful.  And told me to say hi to you guys and that he love you. Also i got the debit card, but did you activate it or would you like me to activate it?  Also i don't know the pin number or is it the same as my old card?  

I love you a lot,
Elder Corey Kimzey

Hey dad,
Things are going great here, how are things going there?  yeah last week, there wasn't internet connection in most of Cotonou, but thats ok.  Mom sent me some pictures of the yard.  It looks great.  I'm really excited to see it when i get home.  I think it is the prettiest i have ever seen our yard.

I like the new primary theme.  I think it is so intresting that God never just ask for a little of our strength,or a little of our heart, but he asked our whole heart.  Our mission president often shares Omni 1:26 or 25 which talkes about how we have to consecrate ourselves to God and give our whole heart to him.  That we can't keep a little bit for ourselves and give the rest to God but we have to give it all. Ok,This we has beeen a good one in general we have been teaching some
amazing people.  Although, one thing was pretty heart breaking.  We had an investigator who was really progressing but then was pushed by some members of her family to commit a horrible sin.  It was pretty hard on us.  We did a lot of praying, and we even fast on fast sunday for her.  But i learned an important lesson.  That even if we pray with all our heart God can't infringe on someone's ablitiy to choose.
The spirit really testified to me that God really was helping her but that it was her own decision to not follow the commandements.  So it was definetly pretty sobering but i learned a lot from. We to help her repent, so that she can find some peace in her life. 
But the rest of the week was really great except we lost our phone.  I still can't believe that it fell out of my pocket.  Hopefully we will get a new one. 
 Also i wanted to tell you that my lesson in our Zone
Meeting went well. I did a lesson on how a missionary can either be a burden or a blessing for his bishop/branch president.  I even told the missionaries how you said that the best thing a thing a missionary could do was help the recent converts have a tesitmony and to help them respect the commandements.  They appreciated that a lot.  Also we
have been teaching a great new investiagator.  He has been looking for a new church.  He told us that our doctrine makes sense to him and that it helps him to apply the gospel in his life.  He told us that a lot of people have passed by to teach him but he never seems to understand their doctrine becuse it is too complicated.  It made me think about how uncomplicated the missionary lessons are and how they
focus on the basic.  It also made me think how i needed to make sure and keep my lessons simple and to the point.  Those are the things that people really want to hear.
I'm doing well.  I can't believe that Utah state lost.  That is too

I can't believe that we have 19 missionaries in our ward.  That is great.  I heard that casey is leaving tommorow.  It feels like he just got into the MTC.  I'm sure that he'll do great.  If you get a chance to talk to him say hi and tell him that i love him.
My investigators are doing really well.  We have a few are progressing well.  Also we have started to teach some families which is always great.
How is the Ward doing back home?  How are Brother and Sister Demille doing?  Also could you say hi to Brother Griffiths for me.  He is a great guy, i love him a lot.
Also today(sorry that this letter has been a little random and
speratic) we went and played soccer.  It was a ton of fun.  We played missionaries against missionaries.  We tied 5 to 5.  It was pretty fun.  Although, i think i'm going to be pretty sore tommorow.  I'm defiently not in shape like i used to be.  Also it is good to hear that your running is going so well.  When are you going to run a 5k? 

Well, i love you a lot dad.  I hope you have a great week.
Elder Corey Kimzey

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