Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Still not much rain...

Bonsoir, comment ça va?  That is great that you are going to Atlanta. We have a missionary from there, he loves it.  It seems like a pretty great town.
I'm glad that it has rained so much there.  Here, it hasn't rained much at all.  But it did rain some yesterday, so that was a plus.
That is great that you got to talk to Elder Casey.  Yeah, i think
every missionary kind of feels that way.  Especially because at the MTC, they talk about talking to everyone, and then you get to the airport and there seems to be a million people. haha.  It can be kind of an adjustment at first.  I'm sure he'll adjust well once it gets started with his trainer.  I wonder how he is going to do with the cold considering it is probably pretty cold there right now.  I can't wait to here from him.  Could you send me his letter?  I don't know if he'll have a lot of time au cyber(i don't know how you say that in

english, a lot of time on the computer?) I'm sure he'll be pretty nervous for the first couple days but i'm sure he'll get into the rythmn of things.
No, i never did run the bloomington hills course.  It sounds like a pretty tough one.  She seems to improving a lot though.  I think that is what xc is all about.
That is great that Serena won again.  How many times has she won that?
Also she is getting older for a tennis player and she keeps winning, that is pretty crazy.  Novak and Nadel should be a good one too.
My week was great.  We had a zone council meeting with President Weed on tuesday.  During the meeting i got to talk to Soeur Weed.  She told me that her son is a bishop in Wisconsin and that there is an Elder Kimzey in her sons ward.  What a small world?  How crazy is that?
haha.  I thought that was pretty cool.
This week, my campanion starting saying good bye to all of our amis.
It is crazy to think that he is going home in 3 days.  I love him a lot.  He is a great guy.  He works hard and is a great teacher.  My new companion comes on Thursday.  His name is Elder Raveljoana.  He is from Madagascar.  We were in the same apartement at Menontin.  He is one of my favorite missionaries so i'm really excited to work with him.  But that was the only change in our apartement. There was a bunch of changes in our mission though.  Since we will lose 12 missionaries a few secteurs  got combined.  So now my zone is down to 10 missionaries.  But in october our mission get 21 new missionaries, so i'm sure the changes will only be temporary.
We had some great lessons with one of our ami.  He loves the Book of Mormon.  This week we started talking about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  He really liked it.  We spent one whole day talking about baptism.  At the end of the lesson he told us, that that was the explantion of baptism(that he was searching.)  We then asked him if he wanted to get baptized, before we even finished the question he said
yes. haha.  So now we are hoping to fix a baptismal date with him the next time.
Also we started teaching the restoration with another ami.  It was cool how even though he didn't have much religous background, the restoration made total sense to him.  He is a really nice guy.  For instance, while we were at store teaching him, a car came by and hit his motorcycle.  I looked at him thinking that he would start yelling at the guy. But, he just slowly got up and started calmly talking with the guy.  I thought that was pretty christ-like.
That was kind of what happened for my week.  I got your email about my debit card.  I might take out some money soon. 
 Well, i hope you have a great week mom.  I love you so much.  Sorry that this letter is a little early but its because latter we have a bunch of rendezvous so that my companion can say bye to everyone. 
 Je t'aime plus que la tarte,
Elder Corey Kimzey

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