Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Plans and the temple

Bonsoir maman,
Comment va la meilleure mère dans la monde entière? (How is the best mother in the whole world?)

What?! There is a second Thor movie comment? haha Yeah i left a little time after the first one came out. That is great that carli is doig so well with her running. Maybe the trip to nike will convince her to do track. That is fun that she is going down there. I always loved that trip.
That is amazing that carli's volleyball team won took second. It was probably because of their amazing coach.
I'm glad to her that your lesson on education went well. Last week, i had some serious computer issues. It took me a year in an half to get logon to my email and then i started writing you and the power cut.
So sorry i didn't write you to tell you why i think it is important that girls are educated. I like your spin on it though. It is so true that we all need to be spirtually independent. I think it was president wilkey who would always tell that when you go off to college, you leave your family and friend, so it is so important to have a good realtionship with God because that wont leave. I hope that makes sense. My english is sometimes a little rough these days.

What do you think of us coming? I have two concerns. One- are you going to be tired and just want to come home? I know some missionaries are and so don't be afraid to tell us. Two- will you be sad to miss the whole"greet your family" at the airport?

Ok, so last week i didn't get dad's email. So i'm kind of confused what the plan is. Personally i would love it. I don't feel like i would be too tired. Also i don't think i would miss the whole greet your family. Because i could do that for you guys. Maybe i could create a banner that said Bienvenu Au Benin. haha. No, but seriously i don't think i would miss that. I don't know my release date, but i think i should know it soon because someone told me the office elders are going to start working on our flight plans(crazy huh?) But I told dad that i would think about it this week and i'll try to find out from the office when my release date is. But personally i think it would be awesome.
2.I was thinking at the temple- do your youth ever get a chance to go? 
So we have 3 temple trips every year. They actually left to ghana today. haha. But i know they try to help the youth go. I know they even reduce the price sometimes for the youth. And usually afterward, they invite some of the people to come up and bear their testimony about the temple. I always like the sunday after a temple trip.
3. Do you know your release date? If not when do missionaries know? 
Yeah, i don't know the date. I thinking maybe to email the office and maybe they'll know. It is worth a shot.
4. Tell us about the best lesson you taught this week... 
We had a good lesson about the book of mormon with one of our amis. She has a hard time coming to church lately because she has to take care of her uncle sometimes. She told us that some people had told her that our church was a sect because of the book of mormon. She was really confused about it. So we read the introduction together. I think it helped her realize that it wasn't a book written by Joseph Smith or a book that replaced the bible. I could tell that the spirit started to work on her little by little. She seemed to understand by the end and said she would start reading. It renforced my testimony about how the spirit helps people resolve their problems and that the truth really does win out haha.
5. What are you personally studying? 
Lately i study by topic or even chose certain words to study. The other day though i did some serious studying on the preisthood. I read in Doctrine and Covenants 121 and 84. It really struck me the importance of the preisthood and really the way we should act when we have the priesthood. ALso the blessings if we respect the preisthood.
I liked a lot a verse in d and c 84 which talked about how it is
through ordonnaces we become more like God. I thought how true that it.
We didn't get a letter last week- no power??
 yeah sorry about the fact that you didn't get a letter. The power was cut most of the day. Power sometimes cut because we are in the dry season.
Well, i love you more than pie mom. I hope you have a great week. Love you,
Elder Corey Kimzey

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