Tuesday, January 21, 2014

3 weeks...

Bonjour comment ça va? Comment était la semaine? Je vais très bien.
That is crazy that a canadian woman made it to the quarterfinals. (australian open)  Has
that ever happened before in history? Who do you think is going to
That is awesome that you sent you vsa applications in. Do you get it
back already? I'll make sure and tell Elder Kunz that you have a
package for him.
Yeah, we do have them in French.  (life of Jesus video)They are pretty cool. I feel like
there are pretty realistic. me too, i always feel the spirit as i
watch them.
That is awesome that Megan is going to Toronto. Although, that will
definetly be a cold one. That would be awesome if Hunter came here.
Right now we have two elders who are here who are cousins. Although,
we wouldn't be here at the same time it would still be awesome.
This week has been a good one. We are still in the process of
contacting all the referalls that we recieve from the members. We
recieved around 40 to 50 referalls haha. So little bylittle we been
trying to contact them all. We have some pretty awesome new
investigators. We have one who is a hairdresser. We had a good
lesson with her about prayer. She was so excited to talk to us. Also
we had a great lesson with a guy who leaves next to a member. He had
a bunch of questions about the plan of salvation especially Adam and
Eve. It went really well. It helped to have a member along who bore
his testimony about it.
Also we got another tansfer call. I guess my campanion is getting
transferred to Benin. It kind of suprised me because i thought he
would be my last campanion. But i guess Heavenly Father planned
differently. So my new campanion comes tommorow. His name is Elder
Diallo. He is also from the ivory coast. So I have 3 weeks to show
him around the secteur, which might be a little hard because i don't
know it very well myself haha. ça va aller. Elder Diallo is a great
missionary and one of my favorite missionary so it should work out
Wow, i can't believe we are going to see eachother in like 3 weeks.
It kind of wierd to think about. Also i've been planning our trip. I
have some fun things planned. We are definetly going to have a good
time. Also i don't know if you got my email about the measurements
for your clothes. I'm so excited for you to come here. You are going
to love it. Je t'aime maman, plus que la tarte même,
Elder Corey Kimzey

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