Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I'm #1 (on the stake wall...)

Bonjour maman,
Comment ça va? Et la semaine c’était bien passée? That is crazy that i'm the oldest missionary left. How is Will doing? How many missionaries are there now in our stake? That is too bad that you pulled your hamstring. Have you been icing it and stretching it too?
That is great that you have almost finished all of your shots. That is crazy that you met the niece of the southams. They are really nice. I have to admit that i'm doing pretty good. I have to admit that i'm so excited to see you guys, and to show you around. Also i wanted to ask you a question. I've beeen thinking of making some ties from traditional fabric. What do you think of that? I thought of making them for most of the guys in our family. How many would i need to make?
That sounds like a good plan. Is carli and chelsea going to drive down to pick us up? or are you guys just going to leave the car in Vegas?
This week was great. I've been showing my campanion around. He has learned the secteur quick. This week we had an awesome lesson with this lady who is the girlfriend of a member of the church. We were doing a follow up on the first lesson. She understand the restoration well. She seems to really believe it too. It is kind of hard because she works nights(i know how hard that it.) So she sleeps often during the day. But she is progressing well, so we'll see.
Also this week we have been contacting all of the contacts that we got. It has been a lot of work but we got a few good contacts.
Also we have been visiting a lot of member active and inactive. They gave us a lot of contacts. So hopefully things will keep going good here at Tokoin.
Well, mom i love you more than pie. Can't wait to see you. Also a missionary asked me if you could bring him 3 sticks of deodrant. It is not urgent, so if there isn't space don't worry about it. Bon, je t'aime, et nous allons nous voir bientôt,
Elder Corey Kimzey

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