Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Year's

Comment ça va? Tu as fait un peu? moi, j'ai fait beaucoup même. haha Wow i can't believe that there is only 5weeks left. It is crazy to think that even. That is great that you have finished some of your shots. don't worry about the travel nurse. it isn't that bad. Alot of the things they talk about are in the villages. So no worries.
No way, Kaylee boyer got engaged to texting jordan. That is wierd. It seems like everyone is getting engaged. No way Gimpy got married. Shoot, she always told me that she was going to marry me. oh well haha.
Yeah, i totally know how you feel. I'm suppose to give a lesson tommorow in Zone meeting and it is today i came up with an idea. That sounds like a great lesson though. I like that quote from CS lewis a lot. It is so true that everyone has the potiental to become like God.
This week has been pretty crazy for us. Considering this week was New years, which means everyone is celebrating all week, it went really well. We ate a ton this week. We had so many members invite us over to eat. I really like new years here because everyone is so thankful. If you ask someone why they are celebrating, usually they tell you it is because God has been so good to them this year. We had a great fast and testimony meeting, where many people come up to thank God for 2013 and their goals for 2014. It was one of the better fast and testimony meeting i have every assisted.
Well mom, you know your french is getting better. haha. I'm sure you'll be pro by the time you get here.
I love you more than pie mom, and can't wait to see you.
 je t'aime,
Elder Corey Kimzey

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