Tuesday, March 13, 2012

First letter from MTC!

Bonjour Ma Famille et mes amies,

Holy Cow where to start. This has been probably the best and longest week of my life. It kind of wierd but the saying of that the first days feel like weeks is so true, but they're really amazing. So I got here on Wednesday. It was great, I meet my campanion. His name is Elder Pickard. He is from Hawaii. He lived in Kahouku( don't know how to spell that, its near the famous high school) nearLaie. He is really great. I'm suprised how quickly we have become close. He loves to work hard and try new things so it makes life fun. I have to admit it was a little wierd having someone with you 24/7. I mean we even wait outside the bathroom for one another, but It actually has been really great to have someone always there for you when you need it. On Wednesday I also meet our district. I'ts an all guys district. We are all also going to Africa( 6 of us are going to Benin, while 2 are going to the Congo.) My district is pretty much the best district ever. We laugh all the time. I love that. Also I had a tour on Monday which was really intresting because all the building in the MTC look the same. Thursday, we meet our teacher Frere Magre who is from France. He is really funny because he has a perfect french accent when he speaks french and a perfect english accent when he speaks english. We also started preaparing for our lesson for the next day. We learned some basic french also. We learned how to say we are missionaires of Jesus Christ( nous sommes missionaire de Jesus Christ) and stuff like that. It kind of crazy, but of my whole district I have the most french experience. Friday, My campaion and I taught our first lesson en francais. It was crazy!!! The guy ,we taught, was named Ben. He only spoke to us in french and we only responded in french. He asked tons of questions, but I actually understood what he was asking. The hard part was responding, but it went well. Saturday, we taught again so much better. Elder Pickard and I taught him about Joseph Smith and the restoration. It seemed to flow way better and we spoke better too. It was pretty amazing. I know for sure the gift of tongues is real because Elder Pickard an I dont know that much french and we were still able to get through the restoration with someone who supposedly only spoke french- all by ourselves. Sunday was also way good. Sacrament is mostly all in french. The crazy thing is they don't tell you who is speaking before hand. We all have to write a talk in french and just wait to see if they call our name. Its kind of nerve racking. Monday flew by. We studied a ton that day, which is one of the great things about the MTC. Tuesday is my p day so you'll probably get emails from me on that day. Also they said to send me letter through dear elder because I get them the same day and can read them at night. So I can respond better on Tuesday since they only give us on 30 mins. So the clock says I only have 7 min so I'll try to respond to some of the questions:
How are you Adjusting to Mtc?
 I'm adjusting pretty well. I love it here. Some of the rules are wierd like we can't put our hands in our pockets, but i know they all have a purpose.
  Leaving Mtc?
I leave on May 8.
How is the Food?
The food is kind of interesting? It kind of sits in your stomach like a rock, but I don't have to clean up and its all you can eat.
 Did you forget things or need stuff?
I forgot my jeans haha. I don't know how, but I did.
How is your French going?
Bien, I love french. Its going really well. I get to help my district alot with it, so it geat and my teacher is really great too.
Can you tell us about any great experiences?
Too many to count. I felt the spirit so many times. The feeling of the MTC- I can't imagine is really any where else. I love it. We had a devotional the other day that was great about just doing your best. Sorry I can't write more but the bright red clock in the corner is telling me I don't have much time left.
  Je vous aime,
  Elder Corey Samuel Kimzey
PS. Great to hear everything is going well at home. Tell Casey way to go on the 2 mile!

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