Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Week three- Teaching and Four Square

Bonjour Ma Famille,
Wow what a week. This has been maybe one of the hardest but the best weeks ever. This week I started my duties as a zone leader. Its pretty fun we go to a lot of meetings and try to help people become better missionaries. I like it a lot. This week has been really hard because my companion has been having a real rough time. He is such a great guy though. I have to admit it was really hard to see him struggle, but I have seen the greatest of the gospel through him. I have seen the lord bless him and me throughout this whole week. He is doing ten times better now because of the Lord's help and he's the greatest.
Also this week we started something called trc(teaching resource center?) We go into a room and teach people in french about the gospel. Usually, the people are members but it fun to get to practice. Yes, by the way I did see the Buchanans Son in Law. I kept thinking it was him, but I didn't want to make it super awkward if it wasn't. He was a really good at french. He talked really fast and really well. We also got to teach a girl who is going to BYU. We thought that since it was our first TRC that everyone would be LDS and we just teach them about Faith. Well, a few seconds before knocking on the second door, my district leader says, "oh by the way, she isn't a member." This made us really nervous, so we switch our lesson to the restoration. It went really well. She was way open with us and even said she would pray to know the truth. It felt really awesome to teach someone who was actually looking for the truth. It was great experience.
We also are still teaching our "progressing investigators." Its going really well, we challenged one to be baptized. He said he would pray to see if it was what he was supposed to do. I thought that was pretty great. I know that the spirit helps us so much in these lessons because often times I don't know how to respond and words just seem to come. We have another investigator too. He pretty great also. We taught him about the restoration and hope to teach him about the Le Plan DU Salut.
Also this week, we had a devotional on Tuesday night. Dallin H Oaks and his wife came to talk to us. It was pretty neat to see a apostle to the lord come and speak with us. He talked about how to be worthy of the holy ghost and how important the sacrament is. It was way amazing. I love the mtc because we get to meet great people like that all the time
Ok so to answer some deep thought provoking questions. (Hey- these are things a mom wants to know!)
-People are asking if you've gained weight?  Or is competitive four square a good alternative for weight control?
Weight? I weighed myself yesterday. I weighed 166 pounds, which is what I pretty much always have weighed lately. So I guess foursquare burns tons of calories. Probably, because our four square is so intense. Carli, I think for sure we'll have to have a 4 square tournament, but watch out I've been practicing a ton.
-How do you watch General Conference?
General Conference? I get to watch conerfence generale in the the gym. It pretty exciting. So of the people in my district are actually singing at it. I have been singing in the choir, but you need several years of experience to go to general conference. Its all good, I'm excited for it anyways.
-Did you get your package?
Package? yes I got the package. I liked it a lot. It made me smile. It crazy how much food we have in our room now. thank you so much.
-How are you doing with French?  How is your district doing?
French? My companion i have got to the point where we can teach the first 3 lessons all in french. Which is pretty amazing if you think about since we been here for 3 weeks. Our district is actually doing really well with french. Many of them didn't know a lick of french coming in. Its pretty amazing to see the growth in every ones french.
-Are you getting every one's letters from dear elder?... followed by some not so veiled guilt about writing others in the family...
Letters? Sorry I don't write back very well. I don't have a lot of time, except on Tuesdays. I hope I can write back more especially today.
-Tell us about your companion.  Is he haole or Hawaiian? It's hard to FB stalk him since we don't know his first name!
Companion? My companion is Hawaiian. Its pretty cool he seems to know everyone. We get along really well.
- Carli asked Corey for a funny story in her letter...
Funny story? I have plenty of funny stories. I often time says English words with a french accent.
I'm out of time though.
Je vous aime,
Elder Corey Samuel Kimzey

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  1. okay- post script- Kerry found Corey's companion today on Facebook. They have a lot in common- both love taylor swift! He's a football player (can not confirm but I think he played at BYU????)