Thursday, March 8, 2012

Off to the MTC...

Dropped off Corey at the MTC yesterday.  I knew we could be in trouble, when we went outside to load his bags in the car, it was snowing in Saint George!  We  picked up Chelsea in Cedar and had snow on and off from just outside of Cedar to Scipio.  It made for a long morning.  I must say that I didn't have much time to have a pity party.  We went to Tuscanos for lunch ( we heard that a good lunch is a must- the missionaries don't get a chance to eat until way late), and had a great time. Oh- and did I mention that if you go there, your missionary eats for free??? 

Then it was off to the Provo temple for a quick picture (since we were running late from the snow).  My good friend, Diana, gave us a good tip to drive to the North side of the temple to take pictures (it was less crowded for sure).  A quick hug  to everyone, and we were off to the MTC.
Wow- if you want to see how organized the Church can be- take a missionary to the MTC!  Chelsea said she was just like a "mormon tourist"- "look at all the missionaries!", " they are everywhere!", "everyone has their backpacks and lugguage!" , and "is that a sister missionary getting dropped off?".  I noticed all of the  missionaries volunteering at the curb, just waiting for the next car and the next missionary.  You drive to the next available space, and they unload your bags.  The missionary then told Corey- "okay, time to give your mom and dad a hug and say goodbye".  And then...  he was gone.  It was like yanking off a bandaid- quick, not nessacerily painless, but so much better than trying to slowly pull it off.  And then before we knew it, we were out of the parking lot, and back on the road home.

It's going to be a long wait until we hear from him (we assume on his p-day next week?), but promise to post his letter as soon as we get it.

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