Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Two new companions and Easter

Bonjour Ma famille et mes amies,
This week has been a very hard one but I've learned a lot from it.  My companion went home this week, so that was very hard.  I know though that it is the best thing for him, so I'm excited for him to return someday.  So  I got new companions this week.  Their names are Elder Haggard and Elder ne-kindga.  In my photo Elder haggard has blonde hair and Elder ne-kindga is the African American elder.  They are really great.  Elder Ne-kindga's parents are actually from the Congo, so he always has good insight on things.
Also this week it was really great because it was Easter and fast Sunday on the same day.  We had a huge sacrament meeting with everyone in the Mtc it was pretty cool to have the sacrament passed to so many people.  I think they had 4 sacrament tables there.  During the meeting we had too general authorities talk to us.  It was Pres. Packer and his son.  Pres. Packer gave a great talk on how we need the atonement to be cleansed.  It was pretty amazing.  I liked it a lot.  After that we had a Testimony meeting with our branches.  It was amazing because almost all of them were in french.  So Easter was a great experience.  It was pretty cool considering most people don't get to be at the mtc on Easter.  Also that night for a devotional the byu's men choir came and sang  to us.  They are really awesome. 
I also started teaching with my new companions this week.  Our first lessons were kind of rough just because we didn't understand how to teach in a tri companionship, but now they are going a lot better.  It pretty crazy to think how far I've come.  I know it's not because of me but because of the Lord's help.  This week we've been having Pvl session( parler votre langue, speak your language.)  Its a time where were just supposed to talk in francais.  I think it was Thursday we did it for most of the day.  We do it everyday now.  I like it a lot.  My french is getting so much better because of it. 
Questions: (I had Carli write the questions this week)
What do you do on P-days?
P-days:  On p-days, I go to the temple, which is a great experience.  I love having it so close.  Also we do laundry and write letters and emails.  Since ours is on Tuesday we also have a dev at night.
Are there a lot of sister missionaries?
Sister Missionaries:  there are tons of sister missionaries at the mtc.  There is only 5 though here learning french.  They are really great.  Most of them are going to france but a few are going to canada.
Do you have to wear your Missionary clothes all the time?
Missionary clothes:  Yes, i do wear missionary clothes almost all the time.  Its actually really fun and isn't that bad.  Although, on p-days for most of the day we don't.
How much do you study the french scriptures?
French Scriptures:  On average, i spend probably 2  hours a day in english scriptures and maybe an hour in french.  I lost my english scriptures a few days a go, so I've been using my french more which is fun.  I bet my english ones will turn up though.  The one thing that is kind of different is there isn't a king james version of the in french, so our is the louis version.  So sometimes the scriptures in french mean something different than the english version.
Do you do service projects- are they in the community?
Service:  we do service for an hour a week.  We do all of it at the mtc.  We sometimes clean bathrooms or vacuum.  This week we got a new one where we set-up for dev.
Do you like your companion?
Companions:  My new companions are awesome.  We get along really well.  I really miss Elder Pickard, but I know he is where he is supposed to be.  There has been questions on how companionship's work with bathroom breaks.  We are supposed to stay within sight and sound of each other at all times, except for bathroom break or in the lunch room.  When one of us is using the restroom, though we have to wait outside the door.  It actually is really great to have someone there who always has your back. 
Daniel:  Okay, holy cow.  I can't believe Daniel ran that fast.  That is amazing.  That is so crazy fast.
Well I'm glad everything is going well at home.  Also i think I'm doing good on most things.  I have tons of food and stuff, so don't worry about me not eating enough.  Also that remind me I've also been running more often now.  Elder Kent in my district has been running with me so it been pretty fun.
Merci beaucoup for all you support,
Elder Corey S Kimzey

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