Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Week 6- MTC

Bonjour Ma Famille,
Comment ca va?  This week has been an awesome week.  Lets see first things first, Elder Ballard came and spoke to us this last Saturday.  It was really great, he talked on how important our message was for the world.  Also this last Sunday I sang in sacrament meeting with 3 of the other elders in my district and another playing the violin.  We sang L'esprit de Dieu.  It was crazy though because at the fireside that night Elder Archuelta copied us and sang the same song but in Spanish for part of it instead of french haha.  Let see also this week we started a new service assignment where we turn the gym into where we have devotionals.  I like it, it way meticulous, but is kind fun too.  Also my companions and I had a big learning experience this week.  One of our investigator blindsided us with a question about why does he need to be baptized.  We were totally expected to teach on the importance of keeping the sabbath day holy.  Lets just say the lesson didn't go that well, but we learned how important it is not just to think you can solve everyones problems right on the spot.  Sometimes it is important to pray about the answer and to have your investigator do the same.  It is great we get to learn some of these lessons now before we actually go out to the field.  Also this week, we got to start being progressing investigators ourselves.  We get to pretend to be someone we know who was or would be interested in the gospel.  It was interesting to see things from the other side.  Also we practiced contacting this week, which was way different at first, but now is way fun and awesome. It really emphasised how  people really need the gospel and how it can change their lives.  It was great experience, even though it was just practicing.
Eating:  This ones for you Ryan.  We get to eat at this huge cafeteria.  It all you can eat too.  I remember the first day I eat a ton because everything tasted so good.  The problem is the food they have here sits like a rock in your stomach.  The first few week, it was way hard on my stomach.  Now, though i figured out ,for the most part, what is good to eat.  Also on every Wednesday and Sunday they serve ice cream, which is really good. 
Benin missionaries:  There are five Beninese missionaries right now.  We are all in the same district and sleep in the same room.  My two companions, Elder Maxwell, Elder Kent, and I are all the Beninese missionaries in the whole mtc.  Also we get new missionaries coming in to our french zone, but they are all going to Canada and France. 
French:  Casey asked how well did i think i knew french coming into the mtc.  When i came in I thought i was pretty good, now i know i wasn't.  I have learned some much, and still new to learn a lot.  It is definitely coming though.  I know that the gift of tongues have helped me so much.  Now we have sections of time set for speaking in french only.  It was fun to do, but crazy to think how far we have all come from the first day.
Fish:  I can't believe Tiger is still alive.  I bet carli he has been alive for almost two months.  That is crazy, you must be doing a really good job taking care of him.
I was glad to hear that everyone is doing so well.  Casey, it sounds like you ran a crazy good race.  I know that you'll keep improving and dominating everyone.  Also i just wanted to share 2 things i learned this week.  I learned a lot of things this week.  First,  i learned how important studying is.  I know that our study time is so important.  I know that as we study we receive revelation for us and our investigator.  So i was thinking how i which i had used this time better before my mission.  That studying the scriptures aren't just for learning doctrine, but really do apply to us and our everyday needs and questions.  Also i learned the importance of listening and relating things to people also this week.
Well i better go the computer is telling me my time is up.
Je vous aime,
Elder Corey S Kimzey

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