Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I can't believe they picked him for the choir over me...

Bonjour ma famille et mes ami,
Comment ca va?  This week has been a lot of fun and a big testimony boost for me.  Conference was really great.  We all got to sit together in this big gym and watch it.  There was so many great talks.  My favorite talks was probably was Presidents Erying's Saturday morning talk and also i liked L Tom Perry's about the book of Mormon.  There was so many good talks though.  This week also there has been a lot of talk of Elder Archeulta.  It is true he is here.  So its great I usually get to see him at lunch.  No we haven't quite become lunch buddies yet , but I except that is because I was rooting for David Cook over him haha. Also I agree mom I can't believe they pick him to join the choir over me.  I mean come on I have about 0 years of choir experience, it totally shocked me when they picked him over me.  Just Kidding.  It been great to hear about Carli and Casey great soccer and track events.  I'm excited to hear about how they keep dominating.  Also this week we got to teach a ton.  This week at trc, we taught this lady and she was way nice.  We were teaching about pray and how it can help us in our life.  It was going really well.  We asked her if she had any questions.  She didn't but she said something like I know that through the holy ghost God answers my prayers.  For some reason I heard her wrong.  I thought she said Satan answers her prayers.  I was a little confused.  When I asked her if that's what she meant we all started busting up laughing. It was great experience.  Also I have been able to study the scriptures so much.  We try every day during our personal study not to study for ourselves, but to study for what the Holy Ghost thinks our investigator needs to hear.  It makes a huge difference.  When I do this though, my testimony strengthens along with my investigator.  Also another great thing that happened this week is the French ambassador come to our zone.  I didn't get to meet him personally, but from what I heard he seems pretty amazing.  Also this week my companion is doing a lot better. So it been great he is doing better. 
French:  French is going quite well.  I didn't get to study very much because of conference, but it been great because my district has been using it more and more everyday. 
Zone Leader: Zone leader duties are going great.  Its not that bad especially when we don't have meeting because of conference.  I love it though because i get to know all the people in our zone so well. 
Schedule for conference: The schedule for conference was way different.  It was kind of a more relax day than we are used to having.  Usually we have very little free time, but during conference we had tons.  Also we got to go on a few temple walks, which was fun.
Needs:  I now remember I forgot a few things, not life threatening, but important.  I forgot my patriarchal blessing and priesthood lineage.
Letters and Pictures:  I am sorry i haven't sent off some of my letters and pictures but  there almost all ready and I promise they will be in the mail today.
Chelsea  I heard chels got in an accident i hope she is ok.  I hope hunter is doing well also
Casey:  Bonjour, mon frère; comment ca va?  Maman me a dit que tu a cour très vite.  10:10 c'est très bon.  Je crois que tu va courir plus vite prochaine week-end.
Je vous aime;
Elder Corey S Kimzey

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