Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Bonsoir tout le monde,
So my life is going pretty well.  I kind of had a interesting week with the transfers because my companion came Tuesday but Elder Owusu's didn't come till Friday.  My companion's name is Elder Makubu.  He is from the Kingshasha, Congo.  He is our District leader right now. Also Elder Owusu got a new companion named Elder Burkhart from Georgia.  Elder Makubu is really funny. He love asking questions, so we get a lot of interaction with our amis.  Also he loves OVB<contacting> , especially with Law of Chasity brochures.  At first i thought he was just joking, but after we run out of restoration brochures usually he gives them law of chasity bouchures.  He is really bold, great missionary.
We didn't have any baptisms this last week, but we have 1 planned for this week and a few planned for the week after.  One is we teach a niece of a member.  She speaks cabada(don't know how to spell that)  So I try to learn some words here and there.  She always laugh because I'm not very good.  There is a few languages here so I've been trying to pick a word or two but wow it is really difficult.  The main language is ewe though.
Also i had a language in Frenglish, which is actually my favorite language.  It was with our investigator named Paul.  He is this huge awesome ami who does Judo. He is really interested in the gospel.  I guess his dad is from Ghana or something so he knows some english.  I don't know why but he kept randomly adding English words while he was speaking french.  For example, he said" j'ai une rendez-vous à five o'clock"  He said it like it was totally natural.  So I really hope that Frenglish because an official language because that would be awesome. The lesson went really well though.  He seems to be really interested.
Also this week we had a few lessons with our ami named Chalome.  We talked a lot about the plan of salvation.  She asked some great questions.  She has even committed to prepare to get baptized.  Having a member with us each lesson helps a lot, especially if she has a question the member can answer it in ewe or french. 
Also we our branch building got chair instead of benches.  We were all really excited because the branch building looks really nice now. 
So I'm sorry the letter is so small this week.  It just been a pretty simple week.  Thanks for all the emails.  I glad to here everyone is doing well.
Je vous aime,
Elder Corey Kimzey

Here is a part of the email to me from corey...
My interview with Pres weed went really well.  He is really amazing.  I don't know if I've ever told you the story of us getting off the plane.  We got off the plane and it was crazy humid and hot, even though it was 9 oclock at night.  We didn't really understand what was going on.  Then trying to get our bags was really hard.  Everyone is just randomly grabbing bags.  This bag guy was trying to ask me if he could help me, but it took 4 times till i understood him.  Then we had to go through security.  Which they randomly pick people to search.  They just happened to pick me.  It took me maybe an hour and half to get through everything.  Then I saw Pres. Weed and Sister weed.  And everything just instantly became better.  He is really nice and he cares about us a lot.  Sister weed is hilarious.  She is always cracking jokes. 

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