Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I'm Stayig in Doumassesse

So yesterday, we got our transfer call yesterday.  I'm staying in Doumassesse, but Elder Noumbolibona is going to Tokoin and he is going to be the Zone Leader over my Zone.  I kind of figured it was going to happen but i'm excited to work with my new campanion Elder Makobo.  He comes here tommorow. 
This week was pretty good week for us though.  We got a referal from a member that i'm really excited about.  Her name is Justine.  We went and taught her a few times already.  She seems really intrested.  We gave her one chapter to read in the Book of Mormon and she read a few.  Then she even came to church.  She seems to be progress really well.  She asked a bunch of good questions which i always think is a good sign of someone becoming truly converted.
Also this week, we are probably going to have some baptisms this week and next week.  It crazy but most of them are refferals from members.  So we are hoping all of that goes well. 
Also this week we got a new ami named Emmanuel.  He is really awesome.  He is a contact from the missionaries of Tokoin.  He brought his little sister a long, but she fell asleep within the first few minutes.  He seemed really intrested, but we'll see how it goes.
Also we had a lesson with this guy who is from france.  I was kind of nervous because obviously he speaks really good french.  At the beginning i kind of stubble to find the right words.  He then said," you can just talk in English is you want."  I didn't, though, and my french improved just as i kept confident.  It was actual one of the better lessons i have taught.  So it is good to remember to just trust in the spirit and in yourself.
Also today, we went to the Grande Marche.  It was crazy as usual especially since everyone is hissing at you to come buy there stuff.  It was pretty fun though.  It really funny though because no prices are fixed.  So everyone is negotiating all the time.  Also there are just tons of people selling things from plates on top of their heads.  Sometimes they will have 8 to 10 suitcases on top of their head. 
  So everything is going well.  We had an awesome Mangez-vous yesterday with a member, but i forgot to take a picutre of it.  It was enyams and some chicken/rice sauce.  I hope everything going well for everyone.
Avec Amour,
Elder Corey Samuel Kimzey

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  1. I enjoy reading his letters. Have our sons ever met? I will ask Landon. I like where he said, "remember to just trust in the spirit and in yourself". Have a good day :)