Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Member's are awesome!

Bonsoir Ma famille et mes amis,
Je vais bien. (I am well)  Our secteur is going really well too.  It is quite crazy.  We have a baptism coming up this Saturday with Pepe.  I was really nervous that he wouldn't come to church this Sunday,which would've meant he couldn't get baptized.  Then right before sacrament starts he walks in.  I was so excited.  So he is going to be baptized on Saturday if all goes to plan.
Also this Sunday I gave a talk.  It was really scary.  I talked about the blessing and the importance of the restoration.  It went pretty well.  I was so nervous.  My legs I think were even shaking.  The reason I gave the talk was because it was missionary Sunday.  I guess that from now on every 3rd Sunday the missionary are in charge.  So we give the talks and teach the classes.  It was pretty fun.  It really helped the members get to know us better.
Also this week we got to teach a ton.  We even did a split on Saturday.  I went out with a ward missionary named Messan.  I was so lucky he was there.  The first appointment, i thought the people spoke french, but they only spoke lingala and ewe.  My companion usually talked to them in lingala  so I had no idea they didn't speak french.  So Messan explained everything in ewe, it was way awesome.  Sometimes I wish I spoke ewe too.  I'm trying to pick up a little but it is really really hard.
Also this week, we were just walking down the road and just we decided to knock at this door.  Well, we didn't really knock we just walk into their parcel(but that's just what people do here.)  We started talking to the mothers in the parcel but they were busy.  They said we could talk to their daughters though.  So we started talking to these 5 girls.  It was a pretty decent first lesson.  We came back a few days latter.  We had an awesome lesson on Joseph Smith and the book of mormon.  We only had one copy of the Book of Mormon at that time, so we gave it to them.  They were trying to decide who got to read it first because everyone wanted to read.  Then 2 of the girls came to church that Sunday.  So that was really exciting.
Also this week, we had one of the best lesson ever with a member.  We had a lesson  planned to teach Abivi(the lady that sells chalk.)  She has been progressing really well, so we were hoping to teach her with a member so she will start to know people in the ward.  So Soeur (Sister) Catherine(she is from Ghana but speaks french well) told us she would.  We were teaching about the plan of Salvation.  At the end we ask her if she would be baptized.  She said that she really loves our message but she didn't know if she could change Churches again.  She said she had changed Churches a bunch of times.  Then Soeur Catherine bore her testimony about how if she asked God if our church is the path for her than changing Churches is nothing.  It was really awesome.  It really touched Abivi's heart.  She promised that she would pray for an answer.  I love member, they are so awesome.
Well that was my week this week.  It was quite exciting. 
Merci pour tout choses.  Je vous aime beacoup, (thanks for things.  I love you alot)
Elder Corey Samuel Kimzey
(from Kerry's letter)
Hey Dad,  Togo is awesome.  In Togo, you have to come to church twice before you can be baptized.  Usually the hard one is that people have to be married either traditionally and/or leagally.  How are the youth doing with preach my gospel?  That will really help them a lot on their mission.  I can't believe USU lost by a  field goal too.  That is really a heart breaker.  Byu lost to Utah that too bad too, but if utah state beat utah, and utah beat byu does that mean utah state would beat byu?  haha I'm just kidding.  Actually the other american in my appartment is a huge Florida State fan, so he tells me every week how they do.  So he will be happy to here they dominated.

(to mom this week)
 My companion is LeVieux(meaning the old in french) Makubu.  He is a convert of the church since 2000.  He is like 26 or 27 years old.  He told me his plan is to become a taxi driver because taxi driver make a lot of money in the Congo.  And he said he wants me to find him an American Girl who knows a little french.  Church is usually awesome. WE have been having problems with the electricity.  So the fans turn on and off. We have had a lot of people at church lately so that has been great.  I have been lacking at the whole picture taking thing, but I'm working on it.      
Also mom i have decided you would really like it here. Everyone with their bright color clothes, the dancing, and the soap operas.(I think he's refering to the spanish novella I watched to try and learn spanish???)  Everyone here watches either sports or soap operas, it is really funny. 
I love you more than the biggest slice of pie in all the world,
Elder Corey Kimzey

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