Tuesday, September 4, 2012

6 months holy cow!

 I didn't edit these letters to show how corey's starting to lose his english!-kim
 Bonsoir ma famille,
Comment ca va?  This week has been quite awesome.  We have recieved so much help from the members this week.  They help some much.  Also this week we've had some of the best lessons. 
For example, we had an awesome lesson with this lady named Abivi.  I'm not sure if I told you about her.  She produces and sells chalk.  We were working with Elder Boklo(the assistant.)  We didn't have a rendez-vous with her but we just stopped by to see if she was there.  She was and she was really excited to see us.  My campanion started off reviewing what we had talked about last time, then he gave me the nudge to talk about the restoration.  I have talked about the restoration plenty of times before but this one was different.  I don't think I explained it amazingly but the spirit was there.  It seemed to hit her pretty strongly.  It was kind of like she had always know it in her heart.  It was really amazing.  Then a few days latter she came to church.  She told us afterward that she really loved it.  So I'm really excited for her.  One thing i love about her is that if you say something she like or you pray  for her, she says amen.  She is really a great ami.
Another is when we went to see this less active who doesn't come to church because she doesn't speak french.  She only speaks English and some Ewe.  Elder Burkhart and I were on a split when we visted her.  We explained to her a little bit about the Book of Mormon in English.  It was really hard to teach in English sometimes the french words would come out.  It was kind of funny.  She told us that she knows the Book of Mormon is the Word of God.  Then we explained to her the gravity of that.  How if the Book of Mormon is true, Joseph Smith was a prophet and how our church is the only true church.  We explained the difference between the Book of Mormon and the Bible.  She told us she had never been taught those things.  She seemed really touched and thought about that for a long time.  She even promised to come back to church, it was really awesome. 
Also this week we have had a bunch of people stop us on the street and ask if we can come teach them.  We had an awesome lesson with these guys named Balougou and Koukou.  They work at this school as bodyguard or something.  Usually only one of them is there at a time, but they both stayed so that we can talk with them.  They had read all of the Testimony of Joseph Smith and had tons of questions.  We explained to them about the Book of Mormon too.  They seem really intrested in our message.  I hope they keep reading. 
Today, for p-day, all the missionary got together and had a huge feast.  They killed this big pig and cooked it in the ground.  It was really good.  I ate so much I thought I was going to burst.  6 of us played soccer against this kids.  We were doing good when they were only 8 but then more kids came.  Then it was like 20 versus 6.  So we lost but it was a lot of fun.

I attached some photos of the first building in Togo. It is at Kegue.  It is really nice and really big.  I can't wait until its finish.  I heard that it will take maybe 2 more months.  The first is of my district all together (um- didn't receive that!), the second is of me, elder burkhart, and elder Owusu.  Then the next is of the outside of the building.  Then there is one of my campanion.  Also there is one of Elder Sow who is from Cote D'ivoire.  He is one of my favorite Elders. 
Well  thanks for everything.  I really loving my mission.  I can't believe how fast it has flown by.  6 months already is so crazy to think about.
Je vous aime beaucoup,
Elder Corey Samuel Kimzey

As you probably can guess from my title, I got my package you sent me this week.(I sent this package the first week of May...)  It was really awesome.  It made my day.  Thanks also for the letters from my friends and from the kids in the primary.  Maybe this week I write an email for them I sent it to you.  I would sent a letter but it is so hard to mail things here.  Thanks for the package again.  I'm loving the peanut butter and all the jus(juice.)    Also i was going to tell you that the demstorations are still going on, but not to worry.  They are mostly just walks.  I guess they had a problem in one secteur because a bunch of people were going to go protest naked, so the missionary had to stay away from that part of town.  I don't think they ever did protest naked but i thought it was really crazy and funny...
 I'm probably going to be the obesse one after my mission if I  keep eating like this. haha jk.  I stopped gaining weight so its really good...
  (I told corey about a new elder coming in November, and asked if he had any advice for him) What is this elder's name? One thing is if he uses razor blades, sometimes the replacements are hard to find so I'm glad i have a ton of those.  Also i would tell him to try new things and new foods when he gets here.  It makes the mission so much more fun if you try new foods.  Also love your new companion.  He'll probably be from some foreign country but if you just serve him and look for the good things in him you'll have a great time.  That is probably the biggest advice, so many missionary struggle with that.  Also in the mtc don't worry about the difference between tu and vous.  In france, in is a very impolite to use tu with someone you don't know well.  Here even if you never met the person you can use tu.  Also don't worry about french.  It will come.  And when you get to africa you'll probably be in a little bit of shock.  Just know that you'll adjust really fast and you'll love it.  I'm not quite sure what either advice to give.  I tell him to read a lot of preach my gospel and the book of Mormon.  I'm sure he'll do great...
  I hope you know that I love you.  It has already been 6 months- can you believe it?  I feel like i just got here.
 Je t'aime plus que tout le tart dans la monde,  Elder Corey Samuel Kimzey

Hey dad,
Things are great here in Africa... I'm sorry today was so difficult.  Turkey though sounds good.  I don't think they even have turkey here haha. 
Thanks for the update on sports...(Corey was a professional sports viewer and loves to get sports updates!)   When are you guys thinking of going to Disney World? 
We have a lot of really good investigators.  Sometimes it is hard because we have so many we have to be really good at planning and also if someone isn't progressing we have to visit them less often because there are so many people just waiting for the gospel.  It is crazy.  I'm glad to here everyone is doing so well.  And tell Morgan for me that he'll get the language down real quick.  Yeah I know Elder Layton he is Ablogami I think.  We just had a huge transfer.  Everyone is staying in my apartment except Elder Owusu.  He leaves to Benin and we get a malagesse Elder.  Yes there is a couple coming in October.  I don't remember there names either.  It will be nice to have two couples.  One in Benin and one in Togo.  The language is really fun.  I still mess up a lot but that's okay people usually understand what i mean.  It really crazy though how quick it comes.  Thanks for everything dad.  I love you a lot too.  I love sharing the gospel.  It just seems so normal now.  Sometimes, it feels like I've always been doing it.  I love the people of Togo.  You will have to come here today just to see them for yourselves.  They are one in a kind.
 I hope you have a great week love you a lot , 
Elder Corey Kimzey

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