Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Conference Generale

 Bonsoir ma famille,
Comment allez-vous?  I hope all is well back in the USA.  I'm doing really well.  It just started to down pour outside but like usual african rainstorms it stopped after a few minutes.  So this week was a really great week.  I got to watch conference this week.  All of the members of Togo came together to watch it in Hedranwoe.  So it was great to see all the members and all the missionaries too.  I watched the Saturday morning session in English with all the english speakers(mostly american missionaries.)  I really liked some of the talks.  I loved Elder Andersen's talk about how we can endure through Trials.  I also liked Elder Gay's talk about what would what we give for our soul?  I really liked all the talks, it was a great general conference.  Afterward a lot of people left, so i went downstairs and watch the Sunday Morning Session in French.  It was great also.  I loved Elder Hollands and President Monson's talk.  I really loved watching conference because it really helps put my life in focus and help me improve my life. 
Well stories from this week.  We have a great new ami named Gentille.  Her name means nice or kind in french(which seems very apporiate because she is very nice)  We found her by ovb.  We happened to be walking along when we saw her sitting on a bench.  We started to talk about the importance of Faith and Repentance.  She was very accepting and we fixed another rendez-vous.  She has been progressing really well.  She reads quite a bit which helps a ton.  She has a little kid too who is funny.  He always is climbing all over the place and seems to be curious about everything.  She has even accepted a baptismal date.  She is really keeping all the commitments and seems to really believe in our message.  It is so crazy how we seem to meet people that God has prepared in the most unusual ways.  She also came to watch General Conference which i thought was a big plus.
Also we have another new ami that is actually a contact from some other missionaries.  Her name is Tatiyana.  She already told us that she has been praying about our message and she feels really good about it.  She told us this during the second lesson.  Obviously, we were ecstatic.  It kind of reminded me that we never know when God is going to answer  our investigator's prayers, so it is so important to help them recongize answers.  She also came to conference.  So we were excited for that.
So this week has been really amazing.  I am hoping that things keep going this well.  I'm loving my mission.  This week i have really noticed the importance of prayers and how God really listens to our prayers.
 Je vous aime tous,
Elder Corey Samuel Kimzey

ps. the picture is of a member who is about to leave on his mission and i at Kpalmie     

(excerpts from email to mom)
   Bonsoir, Je vais très bien.  Comment ça va?  I'm glad that you are doing well and the house also.  I'm sorry to hear you still had to deal with the fans this week, but atleast you recieved the good news that the floors won't need to be ripped up.  That is great that you are getting new carpet too.  I can't wait to see how it looks.  Are you going to replace all the carpet in the whole house? 
    I'm glad that Carli is still doing family history work. I also thought the temple was even a greater experience when i got to do work for our ancestors.  Actually, as missionaries we don't  really pay tithing.  If we recieve money from home or from other source we are supposed to pay tithing on that but we don't pay tithing on the money the church gives us.  Although, we do use that money to pay Fast Offerings.  It is kind of interesting.  I don't think we have tithing settlement either although, i'm not sure.
   Thank you for supporting me although it probably be better if you could sleep for longer. haah.  I'm sure you will get adjusted soon. (I mentioned in my letter, that my body clock was completely messed up since the end of daylight savings..) Here, we don't have daylight savings time. 
   Thanks for the compliment on my picture(don't i always look good haha jk)  I think my weight has kind of balanced out.  That is great that you saw Coach Ginsel, how was he doing?...  I will make sure to take a bunch of pictures. I will take picture of my new apartment too.  Well, if i get to move in to it.  We are suppose to move in December 15 and transfers are next week.  So i'm hoping i'll get to move into the new apartment.  But either way i take pictures and a short viedo if i get transfered too.
 I love you mom even more than pie in the world,
Elder Corey Kimzey   

(for dad)
Things are going great here.  I got to listen to 2 sessions of General Conference.  So i was pretty excited about that.  I don't really have any plans for thanksgiving.  I guess last thanksgiving a bunch of missionaries got together to celebrate.  At the very least, i'm sure I'll make a big feast for everyone in my apartment. 
Wow, it really sounds like College Football is going to be exciting this year.  I wonder who is going to make it to the champanionship.
 My investigators are doing quite well.  Most of the arae progressing really well.  I'm hoping they will keep progressing like they are now.  That is cool that Alec is going to LA.  I'm sure he is going to love it.  I'm sure he will get to meet a wide variety of people.  I heard that Jessica got her call to Russia .  Talk about Cold.  I'm sure she'll love it anyways. 
Studying is really great.  I don't know what it is about a mission but i seem to love the scripture and love reading them more than i ever did before.  I just love really a the story(????)and seeing how they apply to me and my investigators. I study with my campanion in French.  One reason is that he doesn't really speak english.  But i like study in french because we are really studying for our investigators.    Yeah, Elder Burkhart(the other North American Elder in my apartment) and i get along really well.  We actually sometimes speak in french.  But usually we communicate with a form of Frenglish. I really love all the Elders in my Apartment right now.  WE all get along really well.  I haven't really written down all the blessings i have given, but i think that would be a good idea.  I will definetly do that from now on.  Thanks dad for all the encouragement.  I often think of the advice someone gave me that if i wanted to be a good missionary that i just needed to become like my dad.  I think this advice is true.
 I love you very much,
Elder Corey Kimzey

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