Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Life is really simple here

Waterfall in Kpalime
Bonjour ma famille,
Comment allez-vous?  J'espere que tout le monde aille bien.  (How is everyone?  I hope that you all are well)  So this week has been pretty great.  We been working with this new ami named Natalie.  She is really great.  She is one of those people that I know God has prepared way before we ever got there.  She seems to answer all the questions right and seems to understand things that most people don't.  She also always love talking with us.  The other day we were in her parcel to talk with her neighboor but her neighboor happened not to be there.  She asked of if we could teach her instead.  Of course, we were way excited to teach her.  She seems to be progressing really well, but she is going to be busy for a few weeks so we can't talk with her.  But I'm sure she'll keep progressing afterwards.

I also had another great experience this week.  We had been planning on teaching this man and maybe his two sister.  We weren't really sure who was going to be there because it was our first rendez-vous.  When we showed up there was 6 people there to listen to our message.  I was stunned.  Then we started the lesson and they are all really great people.  They asked really good questions that really applied to our lesson.  I remember we answered one woman's question about repentance.  Our answer seemed to really click with her.  It was like we were saying things she had always believed.  What a great experience!
Also this week we have been working a lot with the members.  It seems to be helping us out so much.  My testimony of working with members has grown a lot.  I can often see a great change in the expression of the ami when the member testifies of what he or she knows to be true.  It is really quite amazing.
Also today we went and played basketball again.  It was tons of fun.  It is nice and cool today. The rest of the week it has been pretty hot. I have been sweating a ton, but that okay.  It is way better than the snow.
Well, today i attached some of the photos from last week.  One is of the baptism of Desire.  The other is us going to the waterfall in Kpalime.  It was very beautiful.  Well, that was kind of the synopsis of my week.  It was short and sweet. 
 Je vous aime tous,
 Elder Corey Kimzey

Bonsoir Maman,
Ma Mere, comment va?  I know, I can't believe I've already been out for eight months.  I feel really old just saying that. 
I'm really sorry that you are still having problems with the house.  Really, what are the chances?   But I'm sure you will catch a break soon and all will turn out in the end.  But at least you can keep using Meet me in St Louis quotes. 
Well the inspections went really well  We have inspections every month.  They score us and which every apartment wins either gets to go to lunch with the Leavitts or some money.  We didn't win this time but they said it looked nice.  I was pleased with that.  Also they found us a new apartment and we will probably be moving in there next month.  The leavitts are really busy right now because we are suppose to be getting a bunch of missionaries so they are looking for new apartments.  It is pretty exciting.  A lot could be changing soon.
Thank you for the package too.  It doesn't matter if it comes in January or even Feb.  I'm just excited.
Great experince:  well, the other day that we teaching this ami and her neighboor came up to us and  asked if we could come by sometime and teach her.  We accepted and came by a few days latter.  We were talking about faith and a few other things, but we hadn't even really got to any really new doctrince when she told us she had a question.  She asked us if she could come to our church and if there were any requirments to come.  We explained that there weren't any.  She seemed really excited and told us she would come to church next sunday with a member that lives in her parcel.  We latter told the member and he seemed way shocked.  It kind of just proved to me that we never now when somebody will be open to our message.
Funny experience:  Well I can't think of an absoultely hillarous experience but something kind of funny happened today.  I was in the process of washing my clothes.  I was having a good old time washing the last shirt and singing hymns as I worked.  Then as I was finishing my last shirt, my foot slipped that was on top of the basin.  Water flew everywhere and I lost my balance and almost fell into the basin.  I was laughing pretty hard after that.  I know that was probably not very funny but I thought it was.
Bon, I love you a lot mom.  I hope you know that.  I hope your floors and kitchen come around too. 
 Je vous aime beacoup, meme plus que tarte, (I love you beacoup, even more than pie)Elder Corey Kimzey

Elder Kimzey and Elder Kalala

Togo is great.  I love this country. Life is really simple here.  The mission has really taught me that when you leave all the other things behind and just care about the important things in life, life is so enjoyable and simple.  I love it.  That is really cool you got to judge a programming contest.  What kind of applications did they have?  I'm sure they had some really awesome applications.  What was your favorite?  I can't believe Alabama lost.  It should be intresting to see how things turn out in the end.  Although, Oregon kind of seems like they are dominating.
Yeah, i guess we might be moving from this apartment to one near the marche.  It will be closer to my secteur so that should be good.  Also we didn't win the apartment inspections.  Maybe next time we will win.  My companion and i are getting a long really well.  He is really a great missionary, so it makes it easy to get along with him.

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