Tuesday, November 6, 2012


As my sister Kari said this week, we might have to start looking for ESL classes for corey- he's losing his english-sorry ahead of time for all those english majors out there!
Bonjour ma famille,
Comment allez-vous?  Je vais tres bien. (cow is everyone?  I'm really well.) This week has been absolutely crazy, but was amazing at the same time. 
So to start off, we have been finding some new amis.  This two guys stopped us on the street the other day.  One of them is soccer player/ farmer(i know what an intresting combination.)  His name is Koffi.  And we also have been teaching his friend too.  His friend is from Togo but lived a long time in Nigeria.  So, he sometimes speaks Frenglish(French and English.)  I don't think he does it on purpose, but sometimes it is pretty funny.  They told us that they have been looking for the truth for a long time.  They said they don't even go to church because they are sick of them.  Then it was awesome, they reacted so well to the message of the restoration.  They seemed to find so many similarities between them and joseph smith.  They said that they really wanted to read the book of Mormon too. 
Also we have been talking to  a new ami named Germaine.  She sells stuff at a little store.  She is super nice.  We started talking to us about baptism.  She was very recpetive to our message.  So, we are really excited about her.
The best day of the week was saturday.  We had a some really good lesson in the morning and left to Tokoin for the baptism.  There was actually quite a few people getting baptized.  I think there was 6 people.  We had one baptism(Desire.)  So it was really great because i had the opportunity to baptize him.  Also the missionaries of Be Pota asked if I could baptize there canidate too.  So i got to baptize two people.  What an occasion(does that work in english?)
So we usually have a little baptism service beforehand.  It went really well, so i was very pleased.  Then the amis of tokoin were the first to get baptized.  So we all went outside to watch and wait for our turn.  Then when the second candidate of Tokoin was being baptized, she passed out as she was coming out of the water.  So a bunch of people came and helped her.  She turned out to be ok.  I guess she just didn't have the habit of going under water.  She had never been swimming or anything, so the sensation of going underwater kind of freaked her out.  After that i was nervous that my ami would be kind of freaked out.  But he totally wasn't.  The baptism went really well.  He seemed very excited.  He is really going to be a great member. 
So this week turned out to be awesome.  It ended so well.  It is so crazy to think about sometimes how we are helping people recieve ordannces and accept the gospel.  Sometimes it is daunting to think about it, but with heavenly help it is possible. 
Thank you all for the many emails, letters, and words of encouragement.  Also today was pretty great, we went up to Kpalime.  It is a small town/village that is 2 hours away.  It was super cool.  We met the familly of this member.  Some of them didn't speak much french but it was fun to practice our ewe.  We went and saw a cocca and caffine plant.  Then we went and saw this huge waterfall.  I took a bunch of picture.  It was beautiful and it reminded me a lot of the time my familly and i spent in Costa Rica.  I forgot my camera cord today, but i will defintely try and send the picture back next time.I thought you like the title too. The ou bien, ai-je menti is a really common phrase here meaning or what, have i lied.  I love it when people say it.  Also people sometimes for saying thank you they say C'est Gratuit, meaning it is free.  I like that one too. Well, thank for everything. 
Je vous aime et je vous souhaite les bon choses, (I love you and I wish you all good things)
Elder Corey Kimzey

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