Wednesday, February 20, 2013

New companion to train

Bonjour tout le monde ou bien tout le monde qui lis mes lettres,(Hello everyone or everyone who read my letters,)
Comment ça va?  ça va très bien chez-moi.  This week was so great.  I hope you get the pictures of the baptism.

 It went really well.  There were 7 people getting baptized.  It was great to hear all of their testimonies.  It was cool to see Elisabeth get baptized because she has been looking for the truth.  She asked me after her baptism what  caused us to knock on her door.  I told her that we were just walking down the street and felt like we needed to knock on her door.  It is crazy to think that just because we followed a simple feeling to knock on a door, that she ended up finding the  answers to her questions and was able to get baptized.  How amazing is that?
Also, this week we had transfer calls again.  My companion is getting transferred.  Which was sad to here because we had a lot of fun together. So my new companion is actually Elder Kognani who is the new ivorien elder who just moved into my apartment.  Which means we get to do training together.  It should be pretty exciting.  He is a pretty awesome missionary, so i pretty excited for the future.  Also we found out that soon,  we should get a brand new american straight from the Provo MTC coming to our apartment to work with Elder Noumbolibona.  So it should be a great apartment.
Je vous aime tous.  J’espère que vous aillez avoir une bonne semaine. (I love you all. I hope that you got to have a good week)
Je vous aime,
Elder Corey KImzey

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