Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Bonsoir, Comment ça va?
So last week went really well.  We had a lot of good suprises this week.  First off, this week we have been working a lot with one of our amis who comes to church often.  She is amazing, but she has visted a lot of churchs so she isn't sure which one is true.  She has been coming to church and praying about it a lot, so we hope that she keeps progressing.  But the thing that was really suprising was her son told her that he wanted to be attend a lesson.  Then at the lesson, he asked us a bunch of question like how can he have faith in Jesus Christ, did Adam have many kids, which church is true, etc.  We answered his questions the best we could.  At the end, he told us that we were the first people that seemed to answer his questions.  He seemed really excited and fixed another appointment with us.
Also another great suprise was we had a bunch of new people come to church.  Which is always great for Fast and testimony meeting.  We have another ami who told us that he wanted to get baptized.  He has been coming to church reguraly, but is busy often so we don't get to teach him very often. He seems to know already that the church is true and the importance of getting baptized, so I'm really excited for him.
Well, that is what happened this week.  I sent two pictures too.  One is of a mangez-vous that we had a while ago that i thought you would like and the other is from the baptism in January.  I hope you all have a good week especially because it is my birthday.
Love you all more than pie,
Elder Corey Kimzey

Bonjour maman,

Comment tu vas?  Je vais bien.  No i haven't heard much about whether the mission is splitting or not.  I heard that if it is going to that usually takes place in July.
That is great that everyone is going on a mission.  I can't believe that Shane should get his call so soon.  I'll start praying that he comes to Benin.   It is crazy to think that most of Casey's friends will all get their call at the same time.  I can't wait to see where they go and to here all their great stories.  Casey is going to be a great missionary.
Thanks for the birthday wishes.  I think we decided we might order hamburgers from a restuarant or something like that.
Answers to question:
1.We were wondering if you wanted us to pick you up?  what does president weed think of that?I think that would be awesome if you could come and pick me up.  I don't really know how that works but i would love to show you around and visit my investigators with you.  I don't know how president weed would feel about that.  He is a pretty relaxed president, i'd have to ask him what he thought about that.  I would love that though.
2.  How are your amies doing? My amis are awesome.  We had a bunch randomly show up to church, how great is that?  We have a few who are really progressing well, so i'm excited for my secteur.
3.  When are transfers? Actually, the next transfer is tommorow.  Elder Ritchie is leaving our apartment and his campanion is going to be training a new missionary from the Ghana Mtc.  So that should be exciting.
4.  When are you getting your next batch of greenies?  So we get new missionary this week and then even more in another 2 weeks.  It pretty exciting too, because for the first time in a long time we are going to have sister missionaries.  Crazy huh?
5.  How are the sand storms?  when will rainy season start? The sand storms have been wicked this week.  There is dust everywhere and the tempertuare drop a few degrees.  Raining season shouldn't start till april or may.
6. Can you believe you are 20?  and that next month you will be out a month?I can't believe that I will be 20 in 3 days either.  That is weird to even think about.  Also i can't believe i will be finished with half my mission next month.  Time really does fly.
Ok, Thanks for everything mom.

 I love you more than pie, Elder Corey Kimzey

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