Tuesday, February 26, 2013

At the end of the day...

Bonjour ma famille et mes amis,
Comment allez-vous? ça va bien ici.(How are you?  I am well here.)  This week has been pretty great.  It has been kind of a harder one because we are waiting for the new missionairy to come.  It has been kind of fun though because we have worked with Ward Missionaries a lot to complete our campanionships.  Also this week we found out that a couple that we have been working with for a long time and who has been coming to church for a few months now are going to get married.  Wohoo!   It is pretty awesome.  Everyone is really excited for them.  
Also we found out that our branch is going to be splitting soon.  So that should be intresting.  I had a very intresting experience this week that I felt like I should share.  We were talking to one of our amis about the importance of the Book of Mormon.  Then we seem to get on the subject of Baptism.  She told us that we could definetly baptize her brothers and sisters, but that she didn't need to be baptized because she had already done that.  We started talking to her about the nessacry authority.  We helped her come to the conculsion that either her pastor had the authority or that authority was found in our church.  It really seemed to make her think.  Now, she hasn't came to a conculsion quite yet, but it renforced an idea for me.  That really we are here to explain our message and to help people to know our church but always at the end of the day it is for them to decide if it is true or false. That is one of the things i love about being a missionary.
Well, this week has really been a good one.  It has been really fun working with my new campanion.  He really loves our amis and tries to help them.  Also i thought i would tell you a funny story.  So yesterday, we were teaching our english speaking couple.  The couple semkens did a great job teaching but left a part for me to tesify at the end.  I totally messed up.  I was trying to  tell them that we were there to help them have faith in Jesus christ, repent, ..., and endure to the end but i couldn't remember how to say endure in english.  I kept saying endurer or perserver.  My campanions thought it was pretty funny.  It is probably good that i get to teach in english once everyweek so that i don't totally lose my english haha. 
 Je vous aime tous!  Je vous souhaite une bonne semaine,(I love you all!  I hope you have a good week)
Elder Corey Kimzey

Bonjour maman,
Comment tu vas?  C'était bien passé.(how are you?It's been good.)  Alors, I can't believe that casey's call didn't come yet.  I rushed to the cyber in annticaption. Oh well, i guess we will get to know next week.  That will be great if Casey, shane,a nd Shean get their calls all at the same time.    It is pretty rare that a ward recieves three calls at the same time.  That is great that Ashley Vogel is going too.  I bet she'll love Nebraska with all its hardcore fans.  
That is great that casey ran so fast.  I think he destroyed my time.    That is amazing how well the XC team did too.  

Answers(daily double)

1.Can you believe you have been out for almost a year? no, i can't believe how fast it has gone by.  
2. Did you find out if you can watch a video if we post it (like on youtube) of Casey opening his call?  I don't think you have enough space on your email (since they limit it to 12 mg). maybe if I send it in a separate email....
 Bon, we aren't allowed to go on anyother site but that of the church.  But if it won't go through the email, i could probably talk to president weed to see if i could watch it.  
3. Do you have a guess for where he is going?  Don't guess paris, we have like 6 guesses for there haha 
I know Elder Noumbolibona,my district leader, thinks he is going to paris but that is mostly because he is from paris so he would like to see my little broother.  Personally, i would love for him to come to Benin but i'm not sure if that is possible.  So i have been debating picking Kumasi, Ghana mission or Congo as my foreign choice.  I think i'll go with Kumasi because it is a new mission and he can learn twi there.  And for my choice closer to home i'm going to chose Orlando Florida Créole Speaking.  
4.they announced 58 new missions to open this summer- but not a split for yours?  Do you think that it will still happen?  Maybe next year?
No, i don't think it will happen.  I say that Dyllen's mission got split.  I think we will probably stay the same till maybe next year.  
5. How is your greenie?  where is he from (city)?  tell us about his family?  He is doing good.  He is still trying to get used to teaching but ca va aller.  He is actually doing pretty good for such a new missionary.   I know he lived in Abijan for a while but he spent most of his life in a village near Ghana.  I know that he has 1 sister and no brothers.  
6. What is the name of the new american in your apartment? I'm on a Facebook page for your mission for parents, and so I know a couple of the missionaries that are coming.  I'm sure that you will help him with the "shell shock" of arriving in Benin- you've been there.
The funny thing is we don't know his name yet.  He should be here around wednesday.  I'm sure he will do fine.  Most missionaries it isn't a problem.  
Well, je t'aime plus que la tarte,
Elder Corey Kimzey

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