Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sister Missionaries for the mission

Bonjour tout le monde,(hello everyone)
Comment ça va?  Moi, je vais bien.  (How are you doing?  me-I'm doing great)This week was a pretty big week for our mission.  For the first time since our mission was a part of the Côte d'ivoire mission, we have sister missionaries in our mission.  Also they have been opening up a bunch of new areas.  It is really exciting.
This week was a great one for us too.  Honest got baptized this week.  I sent the photo of the baptism.  He is pretty awesome.  He actually called us to find out about the church because his pastor moved to Nigeria.  Then 3 weeks latter he is baptized.  Talk about someone who was already  prepared.  His baptism went really well too, so that made me happy.  

Also this week, we were late to one of our appointments with one of our amis.  By the time that we got there it was too dark, so we were talking at her door.  She said we could come back the next day, but before we left she said she decided that she wanted to get baptized this next week.  It was definetly a shock, but a good shock.  I'm really excited for her because she has been looking for the true church of Christ for a really long time.  I'm happy that she finally found it.
So that was kind of my week.  We got a new missionary in our apartment.  His name is Elder Kognani.  He is from Côte D'Ivoire like my campanion.  So now in my apartment there are two ivoriens, one frenchmen, and one american.  We have a lot of fun together.  And also  it really helps my french because every in my aparment are native french speaker.  It is great! 
 Well je vous aime tous, ( I love you all)
Elder Corey Kimzey

Bonjour ma mère qui est plus belle que la soleil à midi(i learned that expersion this week),(Hello my mother who is more beautiful than the sun at noon)
Comment tu vas?  ...
Wow, i can't believe * already getting married.  I think she is the first.  I haven't talked to** in a long time so i might be wrong.  If it true that the better my wife is the better i speak the language, I definetly going to study hard during language study. haha- (insert kim laughing at corey's english)
Wow, that is crazy that Casey is all set already.  It is crazy how fast time flys sometimes. 
1.  How was your birthday?My birthday was great.  My apartment suprized me by buying sparkling grape juice.  We had a fun time shooting off the cork.  Then for dinner, we eat some charawambas and hamburgers.  It was a pretty good time.  
2.  I was talking to Dyllens mom and she said he doesn't have running water for long periods of time. How about you?
We have water a good percentage of the time.  Sometimes we will go a few days without running water, but it isn't that bad.  
3.  I saw a picture of the the dust storms- wow.  Have you had any lately?The dust storms are pretty awesome although it makes it hard to keep the apartment clean.
4.  How was transfers?  Did you get any new missionaries in your apartment?Yeah, we got a brand new missionary straight from the Ghana Mtc.  He is from the Ivory Coast.  
5.  Dad and I were wondering when you talk to Pres. Weed, is it in French or English?(mostly because we didn't know if he could communicate in English well now!)
Usually with President Weed, i speak in English.  Although, sometimes it is more like frenglish because i forget sometimes the word in englsh. haha.  

Thanks for the photo.  I liked it a lot.  Tell carli that is really cute. 
 Bon, je t'aime plus que la tarte,
Elder Corey Kimzey

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