Tuesday, May 21, 2013

detorant vs.deodorant

Chère maman,
Comment ça va? ok, I hope you recieved my first email. Does that work?  If not i can totally send another one.  That is great that you found a missionary who can come and give it to me.    I cant believe Casey is graduating already.  Time really seems to fly. Are you doing anything fun to celebrate his graduation?  
I'm sorry that your miamaid lesson didn't go well. haha I feel your pain though, sometimes we plan lessons and we think they are going to go well and they are totally flops.  I guess we just have to try our best and hope and pray.
I like your spritual thought.  I love that chapter too. Have you ever seen the church movie the testaments(we watched it in the mtc) ?  It does a pretty good job at showing that part.  
This week has been really great.  We have been teaching a woman who has decided to get baptized this saturday.  Which happens to be her birthday too. How great is that?  We usually teach her with three other women.  So sometimes it can be kind of a hoot.  Also one of introduced me to maybe my favorite Beninese snack.  It is called ahswanswan(spelled phonetically.)  It is some type of nut that you suck on.  It has a very intresting taste but i like it a lot.  The other women seem to be progressing too and hopefully we become members soon also.
We even now teach one of their brothers.  We had a great first lesson with him.  He started off by telling us that he has some questions for us.  I prepared myself to answer some deep doctrinal questions.  His first question was Can I join your church.  Obvious with a big smile we said yes.  I have to admit, i love questions like that.  So hopefully he we keep doing well also.  I love you more than pie mom.  Good luck with you miamaid class, i'm sure they love your lessons more than you know.  
Je t'aime,
Elder Corey

Bonjour maman,
Sorry for writing so many emails but like usually i have forgotten a few things haha.  First off,  i was wondering if you have sent off a package recently because if you haven't my campanion asked if you could maybe stuff in a few things.  He was wondering if you could maybe put in some old spice "pure sport" detorant( insert mom laughing... deodorant)  and maybe some gilette aftershave.  I know that kind of seems specific but i guess he really like them and you can't find them here.  
Also today, we went to the marché and bought matching african fabrique.  So we are going to all make matching traditional clothes.  So that should be pretty exciting.  I will definetly send you pictures when they are finished.
I love you mom,

Elder Corey

Hey dad,
How are you doing?  Things are going well here.  Last monday we had a family home evening lesson with president weed.  We watched the preisthood session of General conference.  This time, it was pretty great because i could understand the speakers without tons of problems.  
I'm glad that Ashley's fireside went so well.  Carli told me that she seems really excited to go to Nebraska.  I think you are totally right that your prespective on the mission depends a lot on your attitude.  I have noticed how much easier it is when i have a better attitude.  Also it makes it easier to get along with your campanion too.  That is cool that you just got a new sister missionary.  A missionary who used to be here told me that he knows a missionary that is serving in St george.  I forgot her name but he did tell me that she is from paris . 
  I'm sure that casey is going to love a big suitcase. How is he doing getting everything ready?  Also i had a question for you.  What did you used to do for general conference when you were on your mission?  Were you able to watch it?  
That is funny, mom quoted the same scripture.  I will read it when i get back to the appartement.  
My investigators are doing well.  We don't have a lot but we try to concentrate on the ones we have.  It seems to work really well.  Also we went to a funeral yesterday.  One of your amis invited us.  Funeral are kind of different here.  There is a ton of dancing and food.  It is like a genormous party.  Afterword, our ami invited my campanion to talk about the plan of salavation.  It was great, because we got some contacts and handed out a bunch of brouchures.  Well, i hope all is going well there.  I love you a lot dad.  And appreciate all that you do for me.

Elder Corey Kimzey

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