Tuesday, May 28, 2013

School in Benin

Bonjour Comment vas-tu?  I had  a great week this week too.  Yeah, i think he will need a little more space than i did.  Yeah, i think it is sightly chiller there than here. haha.(speaking about his brother, casey, who got luggage for his mission to Montreal)
Thanks for the photos of casey's graduation.  He seems to be already a true canadien.  Um school is a little different here.  There are  both public and private schools.  They both cost money but public schools are usually cheaper.  Also all the schools of uniforms.  Also it is a
lot harder to graduate because they have to pass a big exam called the BAC.  And if you don't pass the bac you have to redo the last year.  I have heard that people have tried 9 times before recieving their bac.  So when you do recieve it, they usually throw a big party.  Many
people do have their bac though, and sometimes they will go on to the  university which is found in my secteur but it is really far from us.  I can't believe Shane already when through the temple.  When does he leave again?...
My week was great.  We had a baptism on Saturday.  Her name is sophie.  She is really great.  She was so excited she came like an hour before hand.  It was a great baptismal service.  Then sunday, i gave the lesson in primary.  It was pretty fun.  We had about 10 kids in the
primary and 4 or 5 are so young that they didn't even understand what i was saying.haha.  The lesson, that i was assigned, was on the Law of Consecration.  I know, it is pretty tuff doctrine for primary kids.  So i started off talking about that but spent most of the time talking about tithing and fast offerings.  It seemed to go really well.  Thanks for getting the stuff for my campanion.  You know, i'm not quite sure i'm really in desperate need of anything   I'm so used to the food here now that it just seems normal.  I don't know maybe some peanut butter would be nice, or those drink mixes. 

 I love you more
than pie too,
Elder Corey

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