Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Short note- Mother's day is this week!

Bonjour maman
ça va bien.  Et chez-toi?  I'm glad that missionary week went well.  It sounds like carli was really a missionary "zélé"
It sounds like vegas was fun also.  Dad and i decide that we are going to try out for Cirque de Soleil when i get back.  haha jk.  
Well, ok i think we are 8 hours or so .  What time is it there right now?  My telephone number is----------------------.  I'm not sure about skyping.  The cyber that we use has cameras but they don't have headphones or speakers.(he said that someone had broken all the headphones, argh)  So i'm not sure how we could make that work. Also, i was wondering if it would just be cheaper to buy the phone credit on my end.  Because i think from my end it is 1 franc per second.  Which means for $1 i can talk for 500 seconds.(quick math-8 minutes)  I'm not sure if that works better.  I could just take out some money and buy phone credit.  What do you think?  Yeah, i will tell him (his companion).  Yeah you can totally write him back.  I asked him and he said you can even write him in english if you want.  
Bon, we aren't really supposed to use any other site than the church's sites.  I'll ask president tommorow because we have a zone conference with him.  
This week has been pretty fun.  We watch general conference this week.  We got to see the saturday afternoon and sunday morning sessions.  It was really good.  We had a few investigators come and they seemed to like it.  I think next week we are going to watch the priesthood session with all the missionary of Benin.  Also, we got a new missionary in our apartment.  His name is Elder Ringle.  He is from Logan.  He is a really nice guy.  We have been trying to help him adjust. We have eaten pate a few times to help him get adjusted.  He seems to like it here.  
Also this next week we have zone conference.  And also i found out today that Elder Dickson  of the Seventy is going to ge coming this month to visit our mission.  He was the one who talked in General Conference.   Sister weed told us today that He has been a general authority for 24 years and that he is going to be realased this next general conference will be released.  
Also we have an investigator that we have been teaching for 2 weeks now, who has really started to progress.  She also has started having other people join our lessons.   So we are really excited for her and hope that she can be baptized soon.  Also we are excited for the two baptism this week too.  
I can't wait to talk to you too mom.  I love you a lot,
Elder Corey Kimzey
Hey dad,
How are you doing?  Things are going pretty well.  I'm really excited to talk to you in a few days.  I think mom and i are going to schedule it so that everyone can be there.  I never did find that cord.  But i think i'm going to go to an electronic shop that is near our house to see if maybe i could pick one up there.  That is great that you got to go to the temple of las vegas with mom.  I heard that temple is very pretty.  I admit that i miss the temple a lot.  When i get back we will definetly have to go the next day.  Yeah, i don't think being an acrobat is very likely for me.  I ask my campanion and he said that he doesn't speak spanish but that you can just write him in english and he can translate it.  
I didn't know that they change the st george ironman into a half ironman.  I would really like to try one of those someday.  The nice thing if i did the st george ironman , i could train on the course even.  That would be fun for us to do that together when i get back.  I have to admit i would probably have to do a lot of training.  
I can't believe that Bishop Sheppard is getting realeased already.  I remember when they put him in.  That is crazy to think that much time has past already. 
yeah, carli has been telling me how she has been doing a bunch of family history work.  I think that is amazing that she likes it so much.  
I like those two quotes that you sent me.  I really like the one by elder Maxwell. I think sometimes people forgot that even good people have hard times.  I always really like what my mission president says.  He says that there are 3 reasons why we have a trial.  1 is because we have sinned.  2 is because there are wicked people around us.  3 because god planned for us to go through it or in essence it just part of life.  He always says that we have to make sure that the reason we are having a trials is because of  the people around us or because God planned it for us.  I find it to be true.
I love you too dad.  I love hearing about your week and all the things that you do. I can't wait to hear from you this sunday.
Elder Corey Kimzey 

a note from kim-

got to call elder kimzey on monday and set up mother's day call- he's sounds great.  He even told me about his greenie from Logan- and that they were trying to help him get accustomed to the food.  He said that the new elder was just eating rice on monday, had an upset stomach from yesterday. But he said he was going to be a great missionary.  Talked to his companion for a second- he sounds awesome, and so funny, a good fit for Corey.  He is talking about coming to america to study at BYU, and he said "I can understand your english, you speak well"  to which I said with a laugh "that's good, since that's what I speak"- huge laugh on the other end of the line...we set up our call for 12:30 utah time, sooooo excited!  Last mother's day call for Elder Corey, then two on christmas (elder corey and elder casey)!!!!

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