Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Plug for Piano teachers and parents everywhere...

Bonjour maman et papa,
Comment Ca  va? Well, i don't have a tons of time to write because i need to go to a family home evening.  Well, like I said last week i got a new companion.  His name is Elder Gomun.  He is actually a pretty new missionary.  He has only been on his mission for 10 months.  It is great because he has a bunch of new ideas for our secteur. He is a really hard worker too.  
Also this week, i gave a talk in church about how to improve our personal prayers(a article in june's liahona.)  It went pretty well i think haha.  Also we have been having some good sucuess in our secteur.  We have been trying to visit all the members in our secteur.  Which has worked well and has helped us so that the members have more confiance in us.  
I totally know how shane feels.  Things are a little different than i excepted, but i'm sure he'll get used to it.  It just takes a little time.
Tell casey congrats.  It is crazy to think that he will be leaving so soon.   I'm really excited for him.  He is going to do great.  Tell him not to stress out too much, it helps too once he is going to be set apart.  
I like the pictures of the backyard it looks great.  Ican't wait to see how it turns out.  I like the idea of the pegola.  Well, i'm sorry that my letter is so short but we have been having problems with the connection. So i'm goingto send this off before the connection leaves.
  Je vous aime,
Elder Corey Kimzey

also did i tell you i wish i had kept with piano.  A member asked me the other day if i could play and i had to say that i knew only  a little.  He said that i would play the next week.  Luckly a missionary was transferred into our branche who knows how to play.  Thank heavens.  
Love you more than pie,
corey Kimzey

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