Tuesday, June 4, 2013

9 months to go!

Bonjour maman,
C'est moi qui a 9 mois qui rest haha. (It's me who has nine months rest??? Quoi Elder kimzey- oh left!!!)
 Yeah we had Elder Dickson come into town.  He is a pretty amazing General autority.  He came and shook everyone of our hand and told us how he felt about us.  Talk about someone who has the pure love of christ.  So we had a zone conference with all the missionaries in Benin.  They asked me to give a short talk on the importance of the area book. It went pretty well i thought. After that a few other zone leaders talked and the assistants
and sister weed did too.  Afterward President gave a great lesson on being converted and applying the gospel of Jesus Christ as missionaries.  After that Sister Dickson gave a nice lesson on knowing who we are.  After that President Dickson talk to us about how we can help the church be strong and big in west africa, not weak and
big.  He talked a lot about Priesthood and keys.  He quoted President Faust in saying that if a man doesn't recieve the priesthood within 3 weeks of his baptism most likely he will never recieve it in this life.  I thought that was powerful but very true.  He also talked about how we need to make sure people are living the commandments especially tithing.  He said that he has found that if people pay tithing they stay in the church but if they don't they usually leave the church.  It was pretty amazing lesson.  Afterward we had a short testimony meeting.  It was a great meeting.  One of the better ones i have been too.  Other than that our week hasn't been that exciting.  They did open a new secteur up in Calive.  It used to be a part of my secteur.  It is pretty far away but it is great to see that the church is growing. I can't believe that you will be able to fit a car in there again.  I can't remember the last time we had a car in the garage. haha.  It sounds like you play tons of pickleball.  I'm sure you all are going to dominate me when i get back. haha.
That is cool that the Accra mission is similar to mine.  Did i tell you that the other day i found out that Elder Weaver was at the mtc at the same time with my companion.  What a small world.  Ok i keep my fingers cross i'm sure that the package will come.  I love you a lot mom.  I'm trying to send a photo that we took the other day in our appartment.  No pictures attached.  I thought you would think it was pretty funny. haha 

 I love you more than pie.  Elder Corey Kimzey

Hey dad,
Life is going great in Africa.  A seventy visited us this week.  His name is Elder Dickson.  He is our area president.  He has been a General Authority for 21 years.  He told us that he has preside over
460 stake conferences.  He told us that this was is last Zone Conference because he will be getting released in October.  He is a pretty amazing person.  He lost his right arm when he was nineteen because of Cancer but still went on a mission 10 months later.  He talked to us about how we can help the church in West Africa be strong and not just big.  He talked to us about how we need Melcheizedick priesthood holders and keys of the priesthood so that the church isn't big and weak but big and strong here in our area.  He told us also we need to make sure that people pay their tithing also.  It was really useful and inspiring.  We had a testimony meeting at the end.  It was pretty great to hear the testimonies of 50 or so missionaries.  Then on sunday we had a great testimony meeting at church.  Almost all the members of our branch bore their testimonies.  It was pretty great.
Wow, i can't believe how much work you have done on the backyard.  I'm sure that it is going to be amazing when i get home.  That is cool that you had two more missionary devotionals.  We have a missionary from accra here right now.  I think that in Ghana also that they eat a lot of Inyams so i'm sure that he will like them a lot.
I know that some people have talked about saving their money that they usually use for breakfast to be able to go to the temple.  I thought that was a pretty big sacrifice.
Thanks for the scriptures dad.  Also that is great that  Serena and Nadel are playing well.  We see if they can actually win though.  Well thanks for writing dad. 

  Have a good week 
Elder Corey KImzey

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