Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Week 6ish

Bonsoir Ma Famille,
This week was a pretty great one.  We have been preparing Antoine for baptism.  It was great he said that he is already married(well traditional which counts in the church in Togo.)  That was just another proof that he is ready because a lot of people aren't married yet here.  So he came to church again and now has even started answering questions and reading scriptures in class.  I was way surprised because he hasn't been to church very many times.  Also we have been working a lot with these 3 sisters.   They live in the same parcel and each of them has 2-4 kids.  I really like teaching them because they are genuine with us.  When something doesn't make sense they ask questions.  Its nice because a lot of time people are so nice they don't want to hurt our feelings by asking questions.  So they seem to be progressing.  It was kind of too bad though this week was Ignace told us that he is going to spend half the time at his church and half at ours.  I wanted to say "or you could just spend each Sunday at ours".  What can you do but just keep trying.  Also this week we went to a lesson on Sunday.  After the lesson it started to rain.  We decided to wait until it stopped.  It rained hard for 30 straight minutes.  We finally decided we just had to go.  The streets were just massive rivers.  We end up walking about mid calf high in water.  It was absolutely crazy but a total blast.  I'm doing really well.  I haven't eat really any weird things this week  I'll have to keep you posted though.  Sorry the letter a little shorter this week.  I had to spend some time in the house with Elder Hansen because he hurt his back.
Je vous aime,
Elder Kimzey

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