Monday, June 25, 2012

week I have no idea anymore

Bonjour tout le monde,
So this week was kind of crazy but awesome. So mondayish and tuesday I was kind of sick. I'm not quite sure what I had. I guess I had the sympotms of malaria, but they are kind of like kind of sickness. So I took the medication for when you have malaria. I got better really quick, so I'm not sure if I had malaria or not, but by Wednesday I could go back out. I'm just glad it didn't last long. So we had planned on having Antoine be baptized this week. I guess there is some diffucilties with him finding all of the information he needs, but he plans on getting baptized soon. Though this week we had 2 baptism. I attached a photo of my campanion and I with their families. Its kind of a long story, but i'll try and give you the reader's digest version. So Elder Hansen( an elder in my appartment) had to go home because of his back on Friday and his campanion got transferred to Benin. So the number of Elders in our apartment went from 6 to 4. We took over their secteur. So now we have a ton of new amies which was awesome. The two kids in the photo were their amies but now their in our secteur. I don't know them really well. The boy's name is Daniel and the girl's name is Francoise. They both come from non-member families but we introduced to the church by their friends. I'm really excited to go through all the lessons with them though. Their baptism was very awesome. Their were tons of people getting baptism. I wish i had a picture. There is always just an amazing spirit when people make convenants. So that was great to see and I hope to see more of it too.
We have a few new amies and a lot who will hopfully keep progressing. We found this guy named Edgar the other day. Well actually he kind of found us. He stopped us on the street and invited us into his house. He was way funny(maybe a little drunk, but a really nice guy) We couldn't teach him though because we had another appointment. We went back a few days latter. He was way intrested especially in Joseph Smith. He is really amazing, so i hope we get to keep teaching him. This week has been a big testimony builder of the Book of Mormon. I just recently finished the Book of Mormon in french for the first time. This week also we have had many great experiences with teaching it too like our new amie named Michael. He stopped us on the street the other day and started talking to us in English. He asked,"Are you like an organisation because i see you walk by here everyday?" We talked to him a little about the church. Well My campanion and another elder went to visit him on tuesday( the one day i was, i so wish i could of been there) They thought he spoke english, not french, so they started the lesson off in English. My campanion asked if he could give the opening prayer in French because he didn't know how to in English. Michael then told him that he was actually Togolesse and that he spoke French better than English. I laughed so hard. We got to teach him again this last week. He asked so many good questions. We testified of the Book of Mormon and he just kept saying things like absoultement( abousoulty) and stuff like that. It was really amazing. He even invited a bunch of his friends to hear our message too. It was a big testimony builder of how important the Book of Mormon is in truly being converted. So i hope he keeps progressing because I really thing he could do great things.
Also we had another good experience with an amie named akakpo. Yeah i had to ask my campanion how to spell that the first time. He is really awesome but he only has real use of one of his arm. I'm not sure why. It doesn't stop him though. In was our second lesson with him and his friends. He hadn't showed up yet so we just started teaching his friends. The lesson was going ok, but one of the guys there just wasn't really helping. He kept asking wierd questions and stuff. So the lessons was just going okay. Then Akakpo showed up and we started talking about the Book of Mormon. The lesson seemed drastically different. They were way intrested. WE didn't have enough copies for everyone so we have to go back and give them more. They really wanted to understand it not just read it too which was a good sign.
So this week was pretty awesome. I really enjoyed it. I learned so much about the Book of Mormon and just how awesome and important it is to me.
I love you all and thanks for everything,
Elder Kimzey

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