Monday, June 11, 2012

Rainy Season in full swing

Bonsoir tout le monde,
This week has been crazy, but way fun. Rainy season is in full swing. It rains a ton and when it rains here it down downpours. I'll have to try and take some pictures of that. We been able to teach a ton this week which was awesome. We even have a few amies who are really close to baptism. One is named Antoine. On, I think, Wednesday we had a lesson with him. We were sitting on a rock about to teach him when we look up and the sky is just black. There was no place for us to go either. My companion turns to me and says teach him the first lesson, but do it quick because we don't have much time. I gave the first lesson in like 4 minutes. If he understood anything from it, it would be a miracle. Right after i was done, it was raining so hard. We found temporary relief under an overhang for motorcycles. My companion asked him if he would like to be baptised and he accepted. Good thing later on this week we got to teach him again. We went over lesson 1 again and the word of wisdom. He said that he already doesn't do those things. So hopefully he can keep progressing and be baptized on the 23. Also this week on Sunday we had district conference. So all the members of Togo meet together. The place was packed. We didn't even get to seat by our amies there was so many people. It was really great though one of our amies named Ignace came. He was a devote catholic when we started teaching him. Actually we kind of met him on accident. We went to go meet an ami but he wasn't there. They said he was coming back so we went for him. When we were waiting for him we were sitting next to Ignace. He was selling some shoes. We started talking to him and then we set up another time to teach. WE usually go to his work to teach him. So usually it kind of loud because we just on the side of the road. He really awesome though. Its really funny here but when someone is in accordance with something you say they make a clicking noise with their mouth. He does it all the time. Its pretty great. So we also invited him to be baptized. He isn't as confident but he is going to pray about it. Also one of our funnier amis is named Odiele. She is actually a Jehovah's witness. She loves studying other religions though so she let us in. She actually already had a copy of the Book of Mormon. I guess her brother was getting rid of some books and gave it to her. She didn't read much of it. Then when we gave her the Restoration pamphlet she realized she had it. She searched through her whole house and found it. She says she's not quite sure why she kept it. She thinks it might be a sign from God. So we have some great lessons with her.
This week i eat maybe the craziest food. Since there has been a lot of rain we've seen more bugs too. Elder Muamba, he is Congolesse, caught a bunch of this one kind of bug. I'm not quite sure what it was. I didn't know why. He just kept it in this Tupperware type container. Then the other day he had made some foufou and two types of sauces. One was a beef tomato one and the other one i attached a picture of. It had the bugs in it. At first i wasn't quite sure if i should eat it. Then i thought way not. It actually wasn't bad. Then i think it was yesterday, Elder Owsu made some sauce and Eyam(I'm not sure how thats spelled) I didn't realize till i was halve way down with it that it had the same bugs in it too. It tasted good so i eat the rest. I know probably everyone is thinking I'm crazy and probably rightfully so, but its kind of actually normal here to do. It definitely an experience haha, but for the most part i eat semi-normal things.
  So in general life is going well and the work is too. You can definitely see how much God has prepared some people its astounding.
Je vous aime beaucoup,
Elder Corey Samuel Kimzey

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  1. Corey you are so amazing. I was reading your blog today thinking about how you have every reason to complain about eating bugs and teaching a lesson in 4 minutes on a rock with a downpour. I love it. It inspired me today to be grateful and it is so neat to hear how teaching the simple truths of the gospel can be just as inspirational on a rock, in the rain, or wherever as sitting in a comfy couch in a nice living room. I love Africa and everything there! Momma Cafferty