Monday, June 25, 2012

By the way- I got malaria and I'm eating dog

Bonsoir mama,
Je vais tres bien. Ok I knew about the protest. I'm sorry I didn't tell you. They aren't close to us, so we don't really know whats been going on with them. All  I know is they aren't happy with their president. I don't think it will last that long though because everyone here is so nice. We only had one experience with them. We were teaching a guy and someone lite some tires aways down the road. It has really died down lately and we are really pretty far from where it has been happening. I'm doing really good. I know you're probably wondering how I got malaria(um... mom did NOT KNOW this!) if I been taking my doxy, but I really have been taking it. I guess it not full prove, but I'm doing really well now. I'm sure getting ready for the lake has been crazy. I heard you might be switching houseboats or something. A week from tommorow thats crazy. I'm sure you'll have a great time, eat some good smores for me. Although I'll probably eat some good benyeahs for the fourth of july. Although it will be a little wierd because I'm the only american in my apartment. Also tell everyone at the lake that I love them. My mission is going pretty awesome. I think I have it pretty lucky. My campanion is awesome and my area is too. I guess the president said my campanion and I will probably stay here till september, which is pretty great.
I love you more than pie and best wishes at the lake, Elder Corey Samuel Kimzey
Hey dad,
 My investigators are doing pretty good. We have a bunch who kind of are at the point of deciding if our message is really true and wether they should really join our church. We also have a bunch of new good ones who we've found or have found us. Everyone here watches the soccer matches. It's funny when one is on, you can see herds of people gathered around one little tv. Although, it doesn't compare with when Togo plays. I guess they have been playing in the Cup of Africa. The other day we waited at a members house for our amie because he had to see the end of the game. So funny.
  I've heard a lot about the repairs to the boat. I'm sure that will be awesome for the lake.
  Favorite book of mormon character that is a hard one. I've been studying a lot about Abandi, so I'll pick him. Although I do like Mormon and Captain Moroni, but I'll stick with Abandi.
  I heard Ried and Kimball are going on a mission that awesome. I highly doubt that morgan's investigator is real but who know maybe.
Also I need your advice. The other day I found out that we have been eating dog in our appartment. I had no idea, I thought they were just joking when they said they were going to buy. Then each time we ate it they told me it was beef. It wasn't really that good it has a lot of fat to it. So I need you advice as wether I should tell Carli.haha. I haven't ate it since, but they have been talking about eating crazier things like maybe buying a snake to eat. I usually just eat everything they make. I've been able to eat some pretty cool things. Also I was going to tell you not to worry about the "Togo is dead" protests. They were mostly just marches around the admisterative quartier. I'm doing great.
 Thanks for everything dad, I love you, Elder Kimzey

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