Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bonjour from Togo

Bonjour tout le monde,
well, this week was pretty great. We had the oppurtunity to teach a lot which always makes the week fly by.  I have to admit it feels like the yesterday was monday.  We had some real progress with some of the amis lately.  We had a great lesson with Micheal this week.  I was with Elder Owusu because we were on an exchange that day.  We were having a pretty deep lesson on where do trials and temptations come from.  During the lesson though I noticed something, he kept mention the Book of Mormon as the word of God.  He kept saying how much he liked it too.  It really proved to me how much the Book of Mormon can help.
Also this week we got a contact?(i'm not sure what the word is in english i know in french its cordonnée.)  His name is Paul.  We had the hardest time find his house.  He said he lived near the boarder of Ghana.  We kept searching but we couldn't find him.  Elder Noumbolibona was about to call him again for the third or fourth time when we look around and there is Paul just a few feet away.  He is this huge guy who does Judo and swims.  I swear if he wanted to he could kill him in 5 seconds flat.  He is really funny too because whenever he agress with something or someone reads a scripture he says Hallejuah.  It is pretty awesome. 
This week also we have had a lot of help from the ward.  They have really stepped it up.  At church a bunch of members brought there friends.  Also even the recent converts are telling people about the church.  Antoine who just got baptized a week ago told us he been telling his neighboor about the Book of Mormon.
Also a funny thing that kept happening this week was I had a few offers of marriage. haha.  None of them really were serious, but it was funny still. 
I'm trying to think if I ate anything bizzare this week.  I'm not sure anymore because the food here has just become normal.  One food that I really love here is called ah demai or something like that.  It is made by with some plant in ewe is called ah demai.  I thought it was french(à demain like tommorow but i guess not.)  I usually eat it with pate  and maybe some smoked fish.  It is really good. Also i have love enyams.  They are awesome too.
This week in general has been pretty great. 
Happy pioneer day and i love you more than pie
Elder Corey Samuel Kimzey
 Corey's mom- It seems like Corey is adjusting well- his English is starting to change and the food is "normal"!

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