Monday, July 16, 2012

First Baptism

Bonjour tout le monde,
This week was way awesome. We had two baptisms this week, which was pretty exciting. We first had the baptism of Antoine. I didn't think it was going to happen because he couldn't come to the interview the night before. Then he showed up the morning of and asked if there was anyway possible we could do it that morning. My campanion made a few phone calls and we got it all set-up. Then when we got there the font wasn't working. So after awhile it started working but not very well. We held a really small service which was nice. Then it came time to baptize Antoine. The problem was the water still wasn't that high. We debated having him start on his knees it was so low. We concluded that it probably be okay. So the first time i tried to get him under the water but i think his knee didn't go under. The next time i really had to force it but he finally got baptized. Even though it took some hard work, we were excited that he was able to be baptized and take that step before God.
Sidonie's baptism went a lot smoother. Her baptism was in the afternoon with all the other canidates. It was great a bunch of her friends showed up. They are really funny. They were trying to teach Elder Kent and I some Ewe. I like to tell you its really easy, but it has the wierdest words. I have picked un a few words like wayzo(welcome), azadah( see you soon), oh fon( how are you), and a few others. Maybe one day i'll be able to speak it but i don't think its anyday soon hah. Her baptism went really well. She seemed really excited and has really progressed over the past few weeks.
We had a few other pretty great lessons. We had one with Edgard that was amazing. President Laurent( a former president of a branch) came and bore his testimony. Edgard seemed really excited after and asked us a lot of questions on how he can find out for himself which church was true. It is just another testimant of how important members are to missionary work.
Also we had a lesson with Micheal that was really intresting. He is having a hard time, i think, because he isn't really sure about joining a church because he isn't part of one right now. He seems though to be really progressing, he reads his book of mormon often and even is trying to figure out a way to come to church.
Well i thought i put something intresting that i tried this week. I ate cane au sucre which i think is sugar cane. The women way around with this big bowls full of it. It just ind of looks like branches or maybe bamboo. I thought at first it was just firewood. My campanion said i should try it. They give you a ton for just cent franc( like 20 cents) So they you just chew it at it taste like nautral sugar and then you spit out the rest when it loses its flavor. It kind of fun and tastes really good.
Well this week was awesome and I learned a lot about baptism. I learned that we really just here trying to help people come unto christ. I learned that it really doesn't matter that my french sounds really bad, that really the spirit is the one that teaches. I'm so glad that i can be here. Togo really is an amazing place. I'm also glad to hear everyone had fun at the lake
Je vous aime,
Elder Kimzey
I attached a few pictures in a word document, because that is the only way it would work. first one i think is of us with sidonie, the next is sidonie, colombe(another person who was baptized that week in our branch), president tchare, and president tcherge( who performed the baptism.) The last is antoine after the confirmation. I'm sorry i forgot to take pictures during Antoine's baptism,but we had so many problems I forgot. (also forgot the word document!)

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